~Matt Key

Bryan Singer has posted another behind the scenes look at his film, X-Men: Apocalypse. In this post, on his Instagram, you see the filming of one of the more memorable scenes in the film — Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) escaping the Weapon-X facility. In it, we see Wolverine stab a guard, take a moment, and then run back down the hall still in a berserker rage. Then we see Hugh Jackman watching the footage to see how it looked — though, if you look closely, it seems that Jackman is still snarling a bit, so maybe he was still Wolverine at that point?

The timing of Singer releasing this coincides with the rumors that the next Wolverine film will be titled Weapon-X. Perhaps Singer is trying to give us some hints as to what the next Fox film will be?

We found this Instagram post through comicbook.com who, in the same article, ran this picture from stunt performer/kickboxer Alain Moussi, who was apparently a stand in for Wolverine in some scenes.

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