Co-executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green sat down with Nerdist Sunday and give some insight into what we can expect from American Gods season two. They talked about location, female characters and tone as they move past Neil Gaiman’s book.  

Because I am from the upper midwest, Wisconsin specifically, I was completely excited to find that American Gods was set in that area when I read the book. And, I am beyond excited to see the action go down at House on the Rock in season 2 of the series. Apparently, Bryan Fuller shares my excitement. He told Nerdist that the House on the Rock is his “favorite place on the continent.”  We can assume that has something to do with the show, and that should make fans even more excited.  

The co-producers gave plenty of focus to fleshing out female characters in the interview; their attention given primarily to Bilquis and Easter. This is also encouraging. For my part, Bilquis was one of the most interesting characters in the first season. The female gods did not get the spotlight that was given to their male counterparts in the novel. Fuller and Green commented on their treatment of those characters by saying, 

It went to our first conversations with Neil, the idea that this series was going to take a book we love and accordion it out. We asked him, ‘What do you think about expanding those two roles, especially, being in the beginning?’ and his eyes lit up with interest, because those are characters he wanted to do more with himself, but he couldn’t…  

Nerdist points out that the length of the book that prohibited Gaiman is not a concern for the TV producers. That’s only a good thing for the balance of representation in the series. 

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Lastly, there was talk of pace and energy. As in big amounts of both. According to Fuller and Green, now that all of the introductions have been made, the ‘vocabulary’ has been established, and Shadow Moon has a handle on the world he’s been thrust in to… all hell is going to break loose. No pun intended. They promise a “much more frenetically paced second season” that will “go further and dig deeper for these character stories now that everybody’s on the same page.” 

Bring it on.  I can’t wait!  American Gods season 2 is set to premiere on Starz sometime in 2018.

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