~Matt Key

It is a DC television casting news bonanza today!

EW just broke the story that Bruce Wayne, as played by David Mazouz, will be getting a love interest on Fox’s hit series, Gotham.

That love interest is none other than the on-again/off-again girlfriend and fiance of Bruce Wayne, Silver St. Cloud. She’s to be played by Natalie Alyn, who’s most recently been seen in The Goldbergs. She’s described by Fox as “an ethereal beauty with the pristine manners of a Gotham debutante. Add in the fact that she lost her parents at a young age, and it’s understandable why she and Bruce end up drawn to each other.”


According to the article, she also introduces Bruce to her Uncle, Theo Galavant, who’s a billionaire philanthropist running for mayor. He becomes somewhat of a father figure to Bruce in the second season.

In the comics, Silver St. Cloud and Bruce Wayne were quickly in love, with Bruce actually asking her to marry him. However, after Silver discovered his secret identity as Batman, she broke it off with him. Not because she disapproved, but because she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life wondering if the man she loved would return home to her every night.


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