DISCLAIMER: This Brooklyn Nine-Nine recap of “A Tale of Two Bandits” contains more spoilers than the number of inside jokes Jake and Doug Judy share. They really are soulmates. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Nine-Niners! Brooklyn Nine-Nine just blessed us with my personal favorite episode of Season 6 so far. “A Tale of Two Bandits” had me in a perpetual state of cackling. Of course, I may be biased – Doug Judy is my favorite recurring character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’m now convinced that Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson need their own spin-off series. Michael Schur, if you’re reading this, I have a bug to put in your ear. 

Alright, ready to delve into “A Tale of Two Bandits?” Just be sure to give Judy time to work his hustle job – deejaying bar mitzvah celebrations. Nothing like watching young Jewish boys “flossing.” 

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We open with Terry (Terry Crews) approaching Jake (Andy Samberg) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) with news of the Pontiac Bandit’s potential resurfacing. Jake is hesitant to believe Doug Judy has returned to his old thieving ways. After Judy vanished the previous season, Jake kept in contact with the former’s mother. He urges Terry to call her. This is when our detectives learn the awful truth: Doug Judy has left this life for greener pastures. Side note: while Chelsea Peretti‘s notable absence from the opening credits made my heart break, I was tickled to see the much-deserved promotion of Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller. Hitchcock and Scully forever!

Next, we see Jake and Terry attending Doug Judy’s funeral. Jake meets Judy’s sister – Trudy Judy (Nicole Byer). She gushes over Judy, and mentions how much Jake meant to her brother. Trudy asks Jake to either perform a song in honor of Judy or regale the attendees with a tale of how Judy convinced Jake to “turn his life around.” Jake chooses the former, and belts out an original number that’s an ode to Doug Judy himself. Attendees were simultaneously shocked and slightly sickened by the sheer power of Jake’s Mariah Carey-esque high-pitched descants. Terry spots Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), alive and well, hiding in the background. He’s enjoying Jake’s melodious ode to him. 

Then, Jake and Terry usher Judy into another room to grill him on why he faked his own death. Judy insisted it was due to a hit issued courtesy of Stephan. Thus, Judy had to go off the grid. Terry reveals that someone is stealing Pontiacs and utilizing Judy’s own methods. A copy cat! Terry believes Judy is up to his old tricks, but the latter insists that he’s on the straight and narrow now. Terry arrests Judy and ushers him into the nine-nine’s interrogation room. 

Meanwhile, our remaining members of the 99th precinct are at Shaw’s for their usual hangout. Unfortunately, they notice that the infamous fire department has taken residence in their favorite bar. Boyle, alongside Amy (Melissa Fumero), Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz), Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) decide to challenge the firemen to a classic drink-off. The group that consumes the most alcohol without vomiting and racks up the highest tab can claim Shaw’s as their territory. Holt (Andre Braugher) decides to sit this one out. Game on!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “A Tale of Two Bandits” Episode 606 — Pictured: Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Next, we see Terry and Jake interrogating (I use that term lightly) Judy on how to track down this supposed copy cat. Judy claims if he were still the Pontiac Bandit he would start at Barclay’s, the meeting ground for upper crust wealthy people. So, our trio embark on a mission to hunt down the copy cat. But first – bar mitzvah time! Judy has a gig, you guys. 

Meanwhile, at Shaw’s, our crew is competing for territorial rights to their favorite hangout. Amy is now known as “Nine Drink Amy,” an historic feat for her. Apparently, Nine Drink Amy knows French. The drinking competition with the FDNY is neck and neck. However, a few members of the nine-nine have started to vomit the contents of their stomachs. 

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Then, while still at the bar mitzvah, Terry’s belief that Judy is still stealing cars strengthens with his resolve. However, Judy insists that he’s given up that life. Now, he lives to provide the best party beats for young Jewish boys and older people who desire to “smush.” That’s when Terry reveals that he has the alleged copy cat in custody at the precinct. We see Trudy Judy sitting in the interrogation room. Plot twist!

Next, Trudy reveals that she needed extra cash for her student loans. Nursing school is expensive. Judy is disappointed but simultaneously understanding. Trudy reveals she sold a lush Pontiac to a buyer not long ago. Our detectives, alongside Judy and Trudy, decide to pursue this lead. Judy insists that he can lead Terry and Jake to Stephan, the big kahuna of car thieves. 

Meanwhile, the remainder of the nine-nine is growing collectively discouraged at Shaw’s. Boyle conjures up his best Braveheart speech, encouraging his fellow detectives to fight for their bar. Everyone’s spirits are lifted, albeit temporarily. Boyle closes his monologue on a high note: an endless stream of puke. Yay drinking!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “A Tale of Two Bandits” Episode 606 — Pictured: (l-r) Craig Robinson as Doug Judy, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

Later Jake and Terry, with Judy and Trudy in tow, are outside the headquarters of Trudy’s contact named Dallas. Terry and Trudy decide to forge boldly into the fray. Terry is disguised as Trudy’s boyfriend. She previously sold the Pontiac to Dallas, and she tries to pry him for information on its whereabouts. However, Trudy also seizes the opportunity to gush over Terry’s towering physique. Judy, mistaking this for Terry hitting on his sister, reveals himself to Dallas. Dallas escapes under their noses. But – they find the elusive Pontiac shrouded by a tarp. Success!

Then, we see our gang at Shaw’s preparing to throw in the towel. Two hours are left until the bar closes, and so far they’re losing to the fire department. Just about everyone has released the contents of their stomachs. Suddenly, Holt sweeps in, the 99th precinct’s savior coming to the rescue. He realizes the importance of Shaw’s to his detectives, and commences drinking the cheapest wine known to humankind. He’s in the game!

Next, Judy is meeting with Stephan. We see the red Pontiac Trudy initially sold parked behind him. Jake, Terry and Trudy are monitoring the meet up from the sidelines. Suddenly, the Pontiac explodes in a fiery blaze. The rest of the 99th precinct swarms in and successfully arrests Stephan. 

Meanwhile, Holt has consumed four bottles of the cheap wine. Minutes loom before closing time, and Holt finishes his fifth bottle right on the dot. Our detectives racked up the highest bill, thus winning the competition. Shaw’s is officially the hangout spot for the NYPD! The fire department leaves the scene. Holt blesses our crew with a speech to rival Boyle’s. That is, until he projectile vomits. Drinking does that to you, folks. 

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “A Tale of Two Bandits” Episode 606 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Andre Braugher as Ray Holt — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC)

Later, Judy emerges after Stephan’s arrest, proving to Terry that he genuinely had nothing to do with his sister’s crimes. Trudy, on the other hand, is already in the wind. She escaped during the commotion caused by the explosion. Judy rings her up, and she admits that she only attended one class at nursing school. Stealing cars provides instant gratification. She also reveals that Dallas was in cahoots with her all along. Trudy is now the new Pontiac Bandit. All in the family, am I right? Terry apologizes to Judy, realizing that people can change for the better. Which means that Terry owes Jake a whole heaping helping of push-ups. Of course, we know that Terry is a workout extraordinaire, and the 6,000 plus push-ups is a cake walk for him. Terry demands Jake sit on top of him to make it a real challenge. If you’re not in excruciating pain, it doesn’t count!


Now, here’s hoping this isn’t the last we see of the Judy family on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My dream is, for Season 7, we see Jake and Judy team up to take Trudy down. I adore Nicole Byer, especially after her wonderful cameo on The Good Place.

Do you think we’ll see the Judy family again soon? How will Holt’s battle with Commissioner Kelly play out? Where do you think Gina is now? Join me next week as I recap Brooklyn Nine-Nine, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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