Since it’s debut back in November 2018, Broadway’s musical comedy The Prom has been welcomed with open arms by critics and fans alike. With such a talented cast and it’s big-hearted message of acceptance and inclusion, what’s not to love?

The plot follows four actors who were once promising features on the Broadway scene. But those days are long behind them so, in order to improve their image, they decide to take up “a cause” to appear selfless, as they are way are too self involved. The “cause” comes to them in the form of a story on Twitter about a lesbian student who wasn’t allowed to bring her girlfriend to their high school’s prom. The actors decide to travel to the fictional conservative town of Edgewater, Indiana, hoping to use what influence they have left to help. And soak up all the good press. 

It’s a beautiful show that pays homage to the kids who are LGBTQ+ and don’t feel safe enough to be themselves. Now, if you’re unable to go to New York to see it fear not because The Prom is coming to a book store near you! Earlier this week EW got the exclusive that Saundra Mitchell, author of Defy the Dark and All Out: The No-Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages (which I highly recommend) has written a novel adaption of the Broadway musical. After working closely with the show’s creators Chad Beguelin, Bob Martin and Matthew Sklar, the book is set to release September 10th, 2019, via Viking Children’s Books.

But wait, there’s more! Another Prom related announcement was released earlier this month where Glee creator Ryan Murphy hosted a very special performance of the show that would benefit Hetrick Martin, GLAAD, and the Trevor Project. Before the show, along side Tony-winning director and choreographer Casey Nicholaw, Murphy announced that the musical will be adapted into a Netflix movie event. Since then there haven’t been any additional details released, though there have been whispers of the film’s debut premiering in early 2020. But that has yet to be confirmed. 

The Prom is currently running at the Longacre Theatre in New York City, check it out if you can!

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Fallon Marie Gannon