Love it or hate it, Bright was a success for the streaming giant Netflix. How? I don’t quite know but we’ll be getting a sequel sometime in the near future. With that in mind, many people online have been tearing it to pieces with the film’s sloppy world building and poorly written story. But some of our favorite critics have finally thrown their hat into the ring with their take on the film. Honest Trailers delivers another blow.

The Honest team really focus in on just how lazy the film is with its concept. Which, by the way, the concept is great – elves and orcs and other magical beings in our world for over 2000 years. It’s something I’d love to see in competent hands. This film, however, uses the concept for race allegories that falls flat on it’s face. Not only does it try to have some sort of message with that but the creative team behind the film keep our world the same. Nothing really changes but graffiti and switching out African Americans with Orcs? It’s awful!

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Also something they point out is how Will Smith plays the same character all the time. Which…THANK YOU! We need to call Will Smith out on this more often. But I guess we like him far too much as a person so we let him get away with it. I’ll try to hold in the rest of my disappointment in this film for another time. Other than that, it’s another well done video by ScreenJunkies.

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Erin Lynch