We all know how massive a hit Captain Marvel movie was. And heck, it still is! However, not every actor or actress can easily get in the Marvel Universe and we all know how hard they have to work out in order to look like and behave like superheroes. The same was with Brie Larson, who did a massively good job both as Captain Marvel and in her workout routine! She was kind enough to share her workout routine on social media, and if you’d like to train like Captain Marvel, this is what you should consider. And yes, we all know that she had a personal trainer with her, but as someone who doesn’t want such luxury, you can easily try out her workouts at home or your gym. 

Take It Outside

Brie Larson spent a lot of time at the gym, but that’s not where her exercising stopped. Lifting weights and working on your strength isn’t the only path to success. What she did was taking her workouts outside. So, you can do it too! Put on your comfy running shoes and go for a jog around the block, for example. Also, like her, you can take up dancing, rock-wall climbing or test your combat abilities at the boxing gym. Possibilities are endless, and she definitely showed us that, and now she is Captain Marvel. Plus, if you go outside and try other workout routines, you will be more mentally prepared for exercising, because you won’t be stuck in a repetitive routine of lifting weights. But besides these outside activities, she undertook an intense workout regime at her gym. 

Hip Thrusts

Larson did these exercises with some serious weights, as she got up to 400 pounds on her hip thrusts. However, you don’t have to start that heavy. For beginners, you can lie on the floor, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Press back your arms onto the ground, squeeze those glutes and lift your hips upwards. Repeat up to 30 times if you’d like. And if you are brave enough, you can add a 10-pound weight on your hips as you lift and lower, just to make your glutes work harder. 

Push-up Drills

During her exercising, Larson managed to perform push-up drills with 50-pound weighted chains on her back. This can be your goal, but it is essential to start slow. Even if you cannot do a push-up yet, you can start by placing a pad or a folded towel on the floor beneath your chest and start in the plank position with arms extended. Keep your back flat and slowly lower your body. Once you hit the towel, drop to your knees and reverse it by extending your arms. As you start getting stronger, you will manage to do full push-ups and you can then slowly start adding weights.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Even without the added weight, the Bulgarian split squat can be tough. But, despite everything, marvelous Larson managed to perform this exercise with 60-pound dumbbells in each hand, and you can achieve that too! Start small and simply take a knee and touch the ground with your left knee and keep your right leg in a deep forward lunge. Slowly raise yourself up and go back down again to the starting position. Just remember to keep your back straight and your knees firm and with no moving to the sides. Once you gain enough strength, place the bent knee on a stool, couch or a bench, and make that your starting position. After you master that, start adding weights in the form of dumbbells in each hand and do as many series as you wish.  

As the first female in the Marvel Universe, Brie Larson got her stand-alone superhero movie. This is a big deal and she deserved it. Plus, she really showed us how it is possible to progress and keep up with great workout routines with the right motivation and persistence.