Marvel fans, can you believe it’s been almost two years since Captain Marvel took to the skies? Neither can Brie Larson! Carol Danvers herself posted a video on YouTube to commemorate the occasion. In said video, Larson answers your most pressing questions regarding the Captain Marvel production process and if she can say anything about Captain Marvel 2

Now, Larson kicks off the festivities by revealing how she felt when she learned she would play the lead in Captain Marvel. “I just felt like I was destined to do it,” she says. Of course, she couldn’t disclose that info to anyone or really celebrate the victory. Additionally, Larson divulges that it took 75 days to shoot the film. She recalls immediately going into production after wrapping on Avengers: Endgame. Filming took place in Los Angeles, which is a rarity for not only Marvel movies but “Hollywood” projects in general.

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Next, Larson delves into the differences between blockbuster films a la Marvel versus independent movies. She notes that “everything and nothing” is different in terms of shooting schedules and components. All of the puzzle pieces are the same. Larson compares doing stunt work and fight choreography to “being on a ride at Disneyland, except it’s your job.”

Then, she discusses whether or not Goose was a real cat. In fact, there were six “versions” of Goose! “Each cat knows a different trick, from my understanding,” she says. Larson admits that she didn’t have a lot of interaction with Goose because she’s severely allergic to cats. 

In addition, Brie Larson reveals that the most physically challenging scene to film in Captain Marvel was the train sequence. That was the first thing she shot for the project. As for the toughest scene from an emotional standpoint, the end wherein Carol learns that she’s been tricked into believing the Skrulls are bad springs to mind. 

You can check out the Captain Marvel Q&A in its entirety below. Get the scoop on some of your burning queries. And revel in the fact that production for Captain Marvel 2 will be starting soon!




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