We are gliding right through this season of Netflix’s Bridgerton and stakes are at an all-time high for our leads. The last episode drew to a close as Kate (Simone Ashley) convinced Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) that these passionate feelings between them were fleeting and to continue his engagement to Edwina (Charithra Chandran). And not just keep the engagement but run full force into marriage. Get ready for the ton to be turned upside down in episode six, “The Choice.” Let’s dive in!

DISCLAIMER: It goes without saying that this recap will contain spoilers for Bridgerton; if you haven’t watched it, check out the series here!

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“The Choice” opens as Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews) narrates her latest pamphlet about getting prepared for a wedding as the Queen (Golda Rosheuvel) prepares for the wedding of the year. She has some rather odd things to choose from and we warn her to stay far away from peacocks. They aren’t fun. She isn’t the only one preparing for the wedding.

Kate, Edwina and Lady Mary (Shelley Conn) participate in a traditional Haldi ceremony as Anthony, Benedict (Luke Thompson) and Colin (Luke Newton) spend the day drinking and playing pool. The impending nuptials seem to have everyone on edge, but for different reasons. Edwina wants assurance that Anthony loves her; Kate is watching her sister marry someone she has way too much passion for and Anthony is settling into the idea that all of this is to fulfill his duty. Final toasts and celebrations lead us closer to the inevitable.

Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two.

Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two. Image courtesy of Netflix.

The following day across the square at the Featheringtons, Lady Portia (Polly Walker) has kicked her scheme into high gear by outfitting Prudence (Bessie Carter) with one of Lord Featherington’s (Rupert Young) counterfeit necklaces. The idea is to get people interested in it, convince them to invest in the mines and then take all their money. While Mrs. Varley (Lorraine Ashbourne) assists Prudence, Lord Featherington lets Lady Portia know that he finds charm in a lady who seizes control. Go ahead; you can say that it was awkward.

While that is going on, Madame Delacroix (Kathryn Drysdale) arrives to visit Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) to discuss Theo Sharpe (Calam Lynch). Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about him but is worried that there is trouble brewing and her business can’t afford to get caught up in the middle of it. Penelope is able to calm her down before her mother and sister show up and send Madame Delacroix for the door.

“The Choice” shifts between the Sharma household and the Bridgertons as last-minute preparations occur. Kate gifts Edwina a pair of bangles from her mother’s wedding, while Benedict teaches Colin that the best way to avoid being hungover is to keep drinking. Violet (Ruth Gemmell) paces as Eloise (Claudia Jessie), Gregory (Will Tilston), Hyacinth (Florence Hunt) and the others wait for Anthony.

On the Way to the Wedding

We shift to the palace, where the Queen has everything ready for the wedding. There is clearly still tension between Violet and Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) while Penelope, Eloise and Colin remark on how this is an even bigger affair than Daphne’s (Pheobe Dynevor). Penelope thinks that the Queen is just showing off and Colin decides that Penelope is much smarter than his sister. Or, at least has more sense.

After Colin walks away, Eloise tries to get information out of Eloise about Theo. It is just a friendship and she cares about his thoughts. But Penelope warns her that even that could result in a major scandal. But we can’t help but wonder if Penelope is more worried about her secret life coming to light.

Eloise (Claudia Jessie) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) in Bridgerton Season Two.

Eloise (Claudia Jessie) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) in Bridgerton Season Two. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Elsewhere, Daphne arrives to voice her opinions to Anthony about what she saw the night of the ball. Anthony sends Benedict away (don’t worry, we would tell you all of our secrets favorite second son) and listens to what Daphne has to say. The two argue over family obligations and that Anthony shouldn’t have to give up his chance at love to fulfill his duty and then turn around and resent the others for it. However, Anthony appears to be too far down this path and no matter what she says, he won’t change his mind.

The Truth at the Altar

“The Choice” moves to Edwina finishing her preparations when she decides to give Kate her bangles back. They were always meant for her and she deserves to wear them. It is a sweet moment between mother and daughters before they are whisked off to the wedding. Things are all going according to plan until it’s clear that Anthony can’t take his eyes off Kate and even daydreams that it is her as his bride. It all comes full circle when Kate drops one of the bangles and Anthony rushes to pick it up. In front of the entire ton, Edwina realizes that they don’t hate but care for each other and she rushes off with her mother and Kate on her heels.

Within Edwina’s chambers, Kate’s lies finally see the light of day. Edwina yells and screams while Kate tries to defend herself. But when Edwina asks if she loves Anthony, Kate can’t deny it. It makes us wonder how this story would have played out if Kate had been honest with herself and her sister. Could they have avoided all of this heartbreak? Mary sends Kate away to keep the two from arguing further and she hides in a closet to avoid Anthony and the others.

Everyone has a different idea for why Edwina ran off in Anthony’s chambers. Tired? Afraid of shackling herself and losing her freedom for life? Needed a new dress? But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Anthony decides to take Benedict’s offer to get some space from his family when Violet realizes that Daphne knows something. She may be a duchess, but she is still her daughter and Violet demands to know what is going on.

Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two.

Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two. Image courtesy of Netflix.

The Bridgertons and Sharmas aren’t the only ones stressed over this wedding fiasco. Lady Danbury meets with the Queen, who demands that she fixes this. If this wedding fails, she will look like a fool to Lady Whistledown, who holds too much sway with the ton. She demands that everyone be forced to stay at the palace until the wedding can get back underway.

Scandals and Schemes

“The Choice” shifts to the outdoors, where the members of the ton are waiting to see what is going to happen. The rumor mill has started up and others are worried that Edwina’s choice will cause more brides to feel they can rush off during their wedding. But some people have more pressing matters to deal with during this time. Lady Portia and Lord Featherington work to get their scheme underway while Penelope tries to talk more sense into Eloise.

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She didn’t expect Eloise to share that her bond with Theo might be more than just friends. And now, she is tormented by the idea that she doesn’t know how he actually feels about her. She lies when Eloise asks Penelope if she ever felt the same way. We know she is overanalyzing every word Colin has ever spoken to her.

Inside, Anthony pays a visit to Edwina’s chambers to convince her to continue with the wedding. He is still hanging onto his duties and their roles as the Viscount and Diamond align. But he doesn’t lie to her and make fake promises about loving her. And when she asks about Kate’s role, he tells her that she will leave forever and that the distance will make things easier. Edwina is tired of people trying to tell her what her future will look like and is ready to make her own choices. She sends Anthony away while she thinks things over.

Kate is still hiding away in the closet when she decides to finally exit long enough for Anthony to spot her. She rushes back in with him hot on her trail. Kate doesn’t want to talk to Anthony, but he needs her help. But Kate has had enough of trying to guide her sister. She can see how everything up until now has only hurt her. Plus, we can see that the passion between Anthony and Kate is no mere spark but an inferno in one touch.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two.

Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) in Bridgerton Season Two. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Peacocks are Evil

“The Choice” returns to Lady Danbury, who is hiding away when Violet finds her. She apologizes to Violet for the lies as good friends do and Violet shares that Daphne has come clean about what she witnessed. Now, Lady Danbury is faced with the daunting task of fixing everything. And how do they deal with this stress? Laughing, of course. And these two brilliant ladies know just how evil peacocks can be. All laughs aside, the only one who can decide what the future looks like is Edwina.

And now Edwina must face Kate again. Kate tries to explain that everything she has done until now was to protect Edwina and secure her happiness. She put her feelings for Anthony aside because the love she felt for Edwina was greater. Kate’s speech mirrors much of Anthony’s and Edwina is tired of hearing people tell her what her future needs to be.

If she is going to marry, it is because it is her choice. Editor note: One of the most challenging moments in this scene is when Edwina refers to Kate as her “half-sister.” Coming from a blended family, one of the biggest jabs is hearing someone say those words and driving a wedge between you. It is clear how much pain Edwina is genuinely in.

Outside, the rumors continue on behalf of the Queen as a way to flush out Lady Whistledown while Lord Featherington is trying to win over investors. But, he is having a hard time keeping Mr. Mondrich (Martins Imhangbe) off his back. Watch your hands, Jack; this boxer knows how to throw a good jab or two. Lady Portia draws Lord Featherington away to ensure that he is doing things right. Don’t draw too much intention or attach themselves to families who would cause them trouble. This relationship between them is getting more awkward by the minute.

What the Heart Wants

“The Choice” drops us into another awkward situation. Lady Danbury and Violet meet with the Queen, who doesn’t want to hear excuses about letting Edwina decide. And as if on cue, Edwina and her mother enter the room. Just before she is about to open up about whether she will marry Anthony or not, King George (James George) rushes into the room. It is a shock indeed and the others can see that things are clearly wrong. When the Queen fails to find words to deal with the situation, Edwina steps in and handles him with such care.

Violet (Ruth Gemmell) in Bridgerton Season Two.

Violet (Ruth Gemmell) in Bridgerton Season Two. Image courtesy of Netflix.

We get a sweet Polin moment as the two discuss future dreams and find their purpose in life. Colin lets on that he is starting to believe just how much Penelope cares about him. But are those feelings mutual? As he heads off to get cake, Penelope spots Eloise sneaking off to meet with Theo. She needs to know what he thinks so that she can settle her own. As she rushes off, a guard overhears. This spells bad news for Eloise.

Inside, the Queen visits Edwina as she admires her jewel collection. The Queen, against her wishes to prove Lady Whistledown wrong and get Edwina and Anthony back at the alter, gives Edwina some advice. Finding true love and following one’s heart is a hard choice. Regardless of what others think or feel, this choice is Edwina’s alone and even the Queen can’t force her hand.

While Lady Whistledown remarks on love and marriage, Anthony and Kate receive notes to meet at the altar. Edwina wanted them both in the same place so she could tell them her choice at the same time. Edwina will not be marrying Anthony because he can not give her what she deserves. But Anthony isn’t alone in Edwina’s wrath. She turns on her sister and reminds her that all of this loss isn’t her own, but Kate’s. She pushed what she wanted on Edwina all this time and now it’s time for Edwina to start making her own choices.

With the wedding now canceled, the rest of the ton are waging their tongues on what could possibly have gone wrong. Violet will have a lot of cleaning up to do to keep the Bridgertons out of scandal. Speaking of scandal, Eloise might just skirt her own. Her visit with Theo goes better than ever expected. It seems the printer’s apprentice has been thinking of her as well. But, this is seen by a member of the guard who reports their findings to the Queen herself. It seems that Eloise is their Lady Whistledown.

“The Choice” draws to a close as Anthony and Kate say their goodbyes and, after six long episodes, finally give in to their passion. But is this a kiss goodbye or a kiss that could open the door to their future?

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Well, we knew there would be heartbreak. Edwina was ready to tie her life to Anthony’s for eternity and didn’t know that he had feelings for Kate and vice versa. It is a shame that it all came to the surface during her actual wedding ceremony. Let’s hope that she will be able to salvage her reputation and get the chance to find her true love. Speaking of true love, does the Kathany kiss mean anything? Or is this goodbye? Plus, Eloise seems to be in a lot of hot water at the moment. Could her relationship with Theo cause an even bigger scandal and case of mistaken identities?

Don’t waste any more time here! Let’s dive into episode seven!

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