Netflix took to Twitter today so bring us some juicy Bridgerton news. The Regency romance series from Shonda Rhimes has added four new actors for the upcoming second season. Recently it was announced that Simone Ashley would be taking on the role of season two’s female protagonist Kate Sharma. Today we learned that Charithra Chandran will be Kate’s younger sister Edwina and Shelley Conn will play Kate’s step-mother Mary Sharma. They also announced two new characters, Theo Sharpe, played by Calam Lynch and Jack, played by Rupert Young.

Just a quick note that my speculations on these roles going forward is heading into spoiler territory! If you haven’t watched the first season of Bridgerton and the novels, I’d highly suggest bookmarking this page, binging them, and then returning!

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So who are these people in the Bridgerton world? Well, Chandran and Conn’s roles are pretty self-explanatory as they will be playing the family of Kate. But believe me when I say their roles will be much larger than just supporting family characters. Mary herself even has a bit of her own drama and her return to London with her daughters will be the talk of the ton. If you have read The Viscount Who Loved Me, Julia Quinn‘s second novel in her Bridgerton series, then you know Edwina will be catching the eye of a certain Viscount, but Kate isn’t about to let just anyone run away with her sister. We all know that Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) just wants a wife, but he is about to get one hell of a lesson in love.

It is the other half of this casting news that really has my head ticking. There is neither a Theo Sharpe nor Jack in the novels, from what I remember. So who are they? TV Line shared that Theo’s description is a “hardworking printer’s assistant who fights for the rights of all.” It gives me the idea that he will be tied to either Eloise (Claudia Jessie) in her fight for women’s rights (yes queen!) or in Penelope’s (Nicola Coughlan) Lady Whistledown business. It will be interesting to see how he ties into their world. We still don’t have a description for this Jake character (from what I can find) and I have big speculations that he is the future Lord Featherington. This was one of the biggest cliffhangers from season one. Whoever is the heir will have a major impact on Penelope’s family.

What do you think about this casting news? Where will Theo and Jake pop up in the story? Let us know in the comments below and on social media! Keep an eye out here for more upcoming news for Netflix’s series Bridgerton!

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