Breeders on FX is a hidden gem that I never knew I would get sucked into, and now I’m hooked.
The fairly semi-new series had me tearing up, which was both good and bad. Not to mention, I can officially say I haven’t heard this many curse words in a television series since watching Veep on HBO.

daisy haggard martin freeman breeders fx

Martin Freeman as Paul, Daisy Haggard as Ally, Alex Eastwood as Luke, and Eve Prenelle as Ava in FX’s Breeders

The Story

Based in the UK, Breeders centers around a coming-of-age story for two parents that are still figuring themselves out individually and as a couple, while raising two complex children. The first season focuses on Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ally (Daisy Haggard) figuring out how to not screw their children up. I’ve always been drawn to shows that highlight bad parents (probably because I have such great ones), like FOX’s The Mick or ABC’s Speechless.

At the heart of all these shows lies parents that might not be at the top of the PTA list, but they will do anything for their children. One thing I appreciate about Breeders is the natural way they bring out the vulnerability in each of the adults. Paul and Ally second guess every decision they make, including taking on topics like abortion in marriage, and many things that are becoming more accepted in societal conversation.

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daisy haggard martin freeman fx breeders

Martin Freeman as Paul and Daisy Haggard as Ally in Breeders on FX.

What is surprising is this FX comedy series does the unexpected in the first season alone. They take the characters and viewers through grief and all the stages that come with it. In the Season One finale, they even throw in an intense situation that easily keeps you invested until the next season.

This past Season Two, they jump forward about seven years into the future. Paul and Ally reach the stage of raising adolescents and, as any parent knows, the problems become bigger. In the midst of learning how to raise opinionated kids, they also juggle their marriage and careers.

Final Thoughts

Is Breeders a comedy or a drama? Personally, I would say it’s both. There are too many real moments for the show to be considered anything other than a healthy combination of both genres. Breeders is a bloody good half-hour dramedy that leaves viewers exactly as it should — wanting more.

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