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Have you ever thought about killing your spouse?

Ted Severson sure has. He believes that she’s lying to him, cheating on him, and that their marriage is reaching its end. Enter Lily Kinter: a gorgeous stranger Ted has a “chance” meeting with at the airport. After a few drinks, he jokes that he could kill his wife for the ways she’s wronged him… an act that Lily is all too interested in helping him carry out. Little does Ted know that Lily has devious plans of her own. Caught in a fatal game of cat-and-mouse, Ted may soon regret allowing Lily to label his wife “the kind worth killing”.

Written in 2015 by Peter Swanson, The Kind Worth Killing is a psychological suspense thriller that was hyped as the next Gone Girl. If you’re a fan of Gillian Flynn’s popular novel, or if books like The Girl on the Train are on your bookshelf, The Kind Worth Killing needs to be on your reading list. If you’re a genre fan that telegraphed their clever twists from the beginning, prepare to meet another worthy challenge.

Just when you think you’ve got Swanson’s plot all figured out, the next page shakes up the scene, leaving readers amusingly unaware of what could possibly happen next. This isn’t your typical murder-mystery; Swanson crafts a story that delivers twist after twist until the final page.


When plans for a feature-film development were announced in 2017, I was thrilled. This novel, already rife with twists and turns, had the potential to be an intense, edge-of-your-seat movie if given the right treatment. Deadline Hollywood reported that the script was being penned by Christopher Kyle (Serena, The Weight of Water, Alexander) and would be directed by Agnieszka Holland (The Wire, The Killing, House of Cards). Amber Heard was attached to star as the fiery Lily Kinter, but few other details emerged.

Unfortunately, like so many other intriguing projects, The Kind Worth Killing is likely lost in development for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has not only placed all of Hollywood on hold, but we have yet to see how the process of film making will adapt to the safety requirements of a post-pandemic world. 

Although The Kind Worth Killing may be far from the silver screen, you don’t have to wait to get trapped in Lily Kinter’s mischievous web. Once you crack the first page, you won’t want to put Swanson’s sophomore novel down until you uncover Kinter’s true motives. The ending will leave you wanting more, and thankfully, Swanson has plenty more to offer. Unravel the plots of his other creatively-written thrillers like The Girl With a Clock and All the Beautiful Lies.

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