And you heard the nerds rejoice and it was good! Bryan Fuller will be returning to Star Trek but this time as showrunner for the upcoming CBS All Access Show!

Fuller is the creator of some amazing series like the-gone-too-soon Pushing Daisies and again, the-gone-too-soon Hannibal. He is currently serving as showrunner on the much anticipated adaptation of  Neil Gaiman’s American Gods which will air on Starz.

 He tweeted today announcing his return to the franchise:

Bryan Fuller started out as a writer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager so for a huge fan, like myself, it’s exciting and comforting to know that the brand new tv series, due out in 2017, is in good hands. Also on board Alex Kurtzman as executive producer.

As far as specific details about where, when and how? That is unknown at the moment but in an interview with Den Of Geek back in 2013, Fuller had some pretty amazing ideas that I’m totally on board with:

I would love to do something on the Reliant. I want Angela Lansbury…Not Lansbury! I want Angela Bassett to be the captain, that’s who I would love to have, you know Captain Angela Bassett and First Officer Rosario Dawson. I would love to do that version of the show and but that’s in the future to be told.

Although, Angela Lansbury would be kind of badass, I mean, Star Trek The Musical hasn’t been done yet….

Ugh…is it 2017 yet??!!! Where would like to see the new series take place? Tweet us!

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