Guests Brian D Bradley, Kaj-Erik Eriksen and Fave Next Generation Episodes

Welcome to Episode 4 of Booze and Phasers! The Star Trek podcast where Heather BrookerClaudia Dolph and Audrey Kearns drink Trek and talk booze…we mean, we booze Trek and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE!

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Our theme this week is Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes with special guests Brian D. Bradley and Kaj-Erik Eriksen. Kaj played Smike in the Enterprise episode, “Cold Station 12” and Brian is a television writer and current showrunner on ABC’s Uncle Buck.

We’re also very excited to announce that we have an amazing new sponsor, DEVOTION VODKA! Please check out their fabulous line of vodka, here. And get this, Devotion Vodka is:

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Since our theme was fave TNG episodes, we each came up with a drink based on a specific episode and using Devotion Vodka. Here are the drinks we consumed way too much of for episode 4. Mix yourself a glass and join in!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.02.51 PM

Our feature drink, Kamin’s Flute, made with amazing Devotion Vodka.

Audrey’s Kamin’s Flute
1 part Devotion Vodka
1 part Lemonade
Soda Water
Splash of Grenadine

Claudia’s The Hugh
1 part Blood Orange Devotion Vodka
Splash of Soda Water

Kaj’s The Smike (“because he’s simple”)
Devotion Blueberry Vodka
Soda Water

As usual, we cover news in this episode. Here are the articles we cover in this episode so you can follow along.

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After the news and many drinks, we get into our favorite all-time TNG episodes. You’ll also see a theme develop in Claudia’s choices and Audrey’s choices that are quite interesting. And, we wind up the episode with our new segment, “Shatner Tweets!”

Enjoy episode 4 of Booze and Phasers! Also tweet us @BoozeandPhasers with your thoughts or ideas for upcoming topics! You can follow Audrey on Twitter, here. Follow Claudia on Twitter, here. Follow Heather on Twitter, here. Follow Brian on Twitter, here and Kaj on Twitter, here.

Live, Long and Prosper!

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