Guest Matt Key, Star Trek News and What to Expect at Comic Con!

Welcome to Booze and Phasers! The Star Trek podcast where Heather BrookerClaudia Dolphand Audrey Kearns drink Trek and talk booze…we mean, we booze Trek and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE!

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Welcome to episode 7 of Booze and PhasersMatt Key joins Audrey, Claudia and Heather in this episode. Matt is a senior comics contributor to Geek Girl Authority and Doctor Strange lookalike.  You can read all his posts here in The Sanctum Mattorum. Matt also hosts the weekly show, Marvel Movie News and of course, is a big time Trekkie.


Matt shares with us how extremely busy he is going to be at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and just wait until you hear the reasons why!!! (Hint: John Barrowman, Kevin Smith and more!) We also discuss what we plan to do at SDCC and some of our survival tips for any Comic Con first-timers.

It was a slow news week but there was one excellent story about the next Star Trek movie. We discuss, is Chris Hemsworth coming back as George Kirk in Star Trek 4 (Kelvin Timeline)? Will it be by means of time travel, dreams or alternate timelines? We chat about how awesome Sofia Boutella is – we mean, have you seen her dance? And, we also give our last thoughts on Sulu’s life in the new Kelvin Timeline with an essay that Simon Pegg wrote which should really put the topic to bed.

You can follow along with these news links!

Sofia Boutella, Dancer.
Simon Pegg Pens a Blog About Star Trek Canon and How It Makes Sense for Sulu to be Gay in the Kelvin Timeline

As promised, here are the recipes for the booze part of Booze and Phasers. Devotion Vodka sponsors our podcast and we gladly create drinks for every show using their delicious flavors. We also incorporate drink ideas from listeners so email or Tweet us @BoozeandPhasers and we’ll make your drink for the show!

Audrey’s Drink:

SDCC Survivor

1 part Devotion regular vodka
1 part soda water
2 parts grapefruit juice

Pour ingredients over ice.

Heather’s Drink:

The Comic Khan

2oz Devotion Blood Orange Vodka
4oz blood orange sparkling water
4oz club soda

Shake in martini shaker.

Claudia’s Drink:

The Nexus

2 oz Devotion Vodka Cosmo
1 oz coconut juice
3 oz lime juice
a splash of grenadine

Pour ingredients over ice.

boozeandphasers drinks ep7


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