Guest Josh Flaum and Fave Star Trek Recurring Characters

Welcome to Episode 5 of Booze and Phasers! The Star Trek podcast where Heather BrookerClaudia Dolph and Audrey Kearns drink Trek and talk booze…we mean, we booze Trek and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE!

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In this episode, we’re yearning for more of certain Star Trek characters! Our guest Josh Flaum (Attack of the Show, Written by a Kid) joins us to talk about the characters we wanted to see more of from the Trek series. I believe the term is ancillary. (Thanks Josh!) Whether they had one line, or were recurring on the show, these were people who made a spin-off worthy lasting impression on us.

Thank you to everyone who Tweeted, FB’d and emailed us YOUR favorite secondary characters. We all agree we’d like to see more of Ensign Ro, Guinan, Q, Lwaxana Troi, Barclay, and Sarek plus a few more we reveal on the pod.

Also, our drinks for this episode were the Randy Rand and the Orion. Recipes are below if you want to give them a try and drink with us while you listen. HUGE thanks to Devotion Vodka for sponsoring our show and providing the booze. Devotion Vodka is:

100% Gluten-Free
100% Sugar-Free
100% Made in the USA
Certified Non-GMO
All flavors are 80 proof


Randy Rand:

1 cup Raspberry Tea
2 oz Citrus Devotion Vodka
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs lime juice
1 tsp sugar

Pour tea, vodka, lemon, lime into glass of ice. Stir with sugar or shake it up. Enjoy!

The Orion 

1/2 a Freshly Juiced Cucumber
Devotion Vodka Cosmo
Muddled mint
Homemade (or not so homemade) sweet and sour
Shake and pour over ice
Garnish with a sprig of mint

Now that you’re ready to drink, who did we miss? Tell us the secondary (ancillary) character you’d like to see more of from the Star Trek world!


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Live, Long and Prosper!

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Audrey Kearns