The winter holidays are upon us again, which means it’s probably time to go shopping. Chances are you either have a bookworm on your list or are said bibliophile. But what to gift a booklover (that isn’t a book)? Never fear, this gift guide contains a plethora of possible presents for that loveable book nerd on your list! 📚 

Book Art & Shelf Accessories 

The first item on our book lover gift guide might be a bit controversial. If your beloved bibliophile isn’t scandalized by the idea of defacing a precious tome, they may be as charmed as I am by folded book art sculptures. If your recipient is into DIY or crafting, consider purchasing a pattern, so they can make the art themselves.

For your book nerd’s bookshelf itself, how about something like this “Now Reading” shelf from  ($18.44+)?

booklover gift guide: folded book art

Credit: Atomicdragon136 (Creative Commons license), changes made.

E-reader & Audiobook Accessories 

Of course, nowadays, not all bookworms are into physical books. For an e-book fan, consider a special cover for their e-reader. These ones ($59.74) by  on Etsy are made to look like old-fashioned leather books! Your audiobibliophile, meanwhile, might love an awesome set of wireless headphones or speakers.

booklover gift guide: wireless stereo

Credit: Cambridge Audio (Creative Commons license)

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Next up on our booklover’s gift guide is jewelry. If your book nerd likes to wear bling, that can be a really nice way for them to subtly rep their fandoms. Many shops offer customized jewelry, such as book cover necklaces

Perhaps your bookworm just wants to show off their pride as a reader. Not a problem! Check out something like this beautiful bookshelf necklace ($12.95) from Aranji on Etsy.

booklover gift guide: pendant filled with miniature books

Credit: Etsy Seller, Aranji


Maybe your bibliophile isn’t into jewelry, but you still want to get them a little bauble. This book-filled ornament from ($9.95).

While they don’t specifically go on trees, Funko Pops would be right at home next to any Elf on the Shelf or [insert holiday knick-knack]. Check out the OG Funko Pop website for Harry Potter, DC Comics ($12+) and more. If you need something a bit more esoteric, head back over to Etsy, where there are multiple artists doing custom designs. 

booklover gift guide: Harry Potter funko Pop

Credit: Funko Pop


In my experience, most bibliophiles love stationery, so why not treat yours to some book-branded items? Longhand Pencils carries pencils, stationery and accessories stamped with quotations from books or just quotations about reading. They also do custom items. Or check out this booklover’s sticker pack ($3.52) from

booklover gift guide: image of pencils with different sayings related to books

Credit: Longhand Pencils

Subscription Box

There are several book subscription boxes on the market, which means you can easily find one perfectly suited to your bookworm’s interests. For example, there’s Blind Date with a Book, which sends readers a surprise book in whichever genre you select. For YA fans, there’s LitJoy ($23.99+/quarter) or OwlCrate ($32.99/month), which send books and bookish gifts, like mugs and stickers. The possibilities for lit boxes are seemingly limitless, but let me shout out a few more: BlackLIT ($39.99+/month), Book HookUp ($37.50+/box) and Feminist Book Club ($12+/month).

booklover gift guide: different books wrapped in brown paper

Credit: BabyDollsBookShop

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Support Their Fave Authors

This final entry on our booklover’s gift guide is last, but so not least. I know that from the outside it might seem like being a published author is a lucrative career, but the truth is many (most?) professional novelists have day jobs. So, if you know who your bookworm’s favorite author is, check out if they have their own merch store, or if they sell signed copies through their local indie bookseller. You can usually find this info on their website. You can get your bibliophile a unique gift while also helping to support their favorites!

booklover gift guide: fountain pen


I hope this gift guide helps you find something lovely for the booklover on your list (and to my family and friends, yes, I’d love any and all of these)! Wishing you a warm holiday season and happy reading! 

A Gift Guide for Bookworms That Doesn’t Include Books



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