Good nerdy books that aren’t fiction are hard to come by sometimes. Nerdy books about video game consoles are almost impossible. However, I bring you some pretty great news! No Starch Press, a book publisher based in San Francisco teamed up with author/video game photographer Evan Amos to create, The Game Console. This book is a tour through 86 game consoles starting with some of the most legendary systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600 up to modern consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. Each section gives a little breakdown of the systems specs and what it cost to purchase, a bit of information, and some fascinating pictures showing the inside of the system and its components.

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The Game Console also includes additional information regarding the different generations and even the video game crash. The book is a great read and a serious walk down memory lane. It was fun pointing out what my first system was to my friends and comparing it to others. It was also surprising to see the cost of consoles and how they have grown from the beginning. The reading isn’t the only thing that is great. The Game Console is a photographic history of game consoles. The pictures that accompany the written information are outstanding. They are colorful and the ones that include deconstructed consoles are clear and easy to see. The photos being great quality is a no brainier since Evan Amos makes a living out of taking photos of video game consoles for historic preservation.

No Starch Press has been helping to publish the finest in geek entertainment since 1994 and have books ranging from programming to Manga. You can pre order The Game Console now on No Starch Press’ website and it is set to be released in November 2018. You can get it in eBook form for $19.95 or hardback and free eBook for $24.95. If you use the code “PREORDER” you can get 30% off your purchase. I would definitely suggest picking up the hardback copy of this book. It is roughly the size of a text book with thick pages that will hold up over the years. It has already become one of our favorite coffee table books and friends and family are loving it. You can also pick it up just in time for Christmas and share it with your favorite gamer. You can also follow Evan Amos on his Twitter to see more of his fantastic photos!




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