Thank you, No Starch Press, for sending me an advanced reading copy of The Game Console 2.0 for an honest review.

I think it has become pretty evident that I am a nerd who loves video games. And video game-related things. This is why when No Starch Press reached out about Evan Amos‘ original The Game Console book, I was jumping with joy. But three years have passed and Amos is back with a revised and updated edition – The Game Console 2.0.

Amos, a video game photographic and historian, has created an even bigger archival collection of detailed photographs of over 100 video game consoles for us to enjoy. It spans over five decades and nine distinct generations, all in chronological order for us to enjoy. He shares the market leaders and outright failures while tracing the gaming industry’s rise, fall and many resurgences.

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Pages from within The Game Console 2.0 discussing the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Game Console 2.0 by Evan Amos.

The Game Console 2.0 is a must-have, even if you already have the first edition. It is a video game enthusiast’s heaven and makes for a perfect coffee table book! Amos really dives into the early generation consoles in this updated version, including history and fully detailed photos. I honestly can’t tell you what excites me more. The plethora of information he provides or the images.

For those who are really into retro game trivia, look no further. This is a great read from beginning to end. The Game Console 2.0 taught me more about the generations and industry than years of actually being a part of them. But it isn’t just old-school vibes here. Amos has also included the most recent consoles – PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X!

Now, I am not one to tell someone how they should enjoy their reading time. So enjoy this book however fast and in whatever order you want. Interested in a certain set of systems? Skip to those pages. What to look at a specific decade? Go for it! Personally, I like reading about these in chronological order. Amos does a marvelous job bringing together the different generations and creating an overarching story on how the industry has changed through the years.

The Game Console 2.0 drops later this month – August 2021. You can preorder your copy through No Starch Press now!

The Game Console 2.0 Cover

The Game Console 2.0 by Evan Amos.

This article was originally published on 8/5/21.

Book Review: THE GAME CONSOLE by Evan Amos



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