Being the new girl in town Jane didn’t expect her dating life to flourish so quickly. But after a chance meeting in front of a soup cart Jane suddenly finds herself in a new relationship with a layabout named Jack. Sure, he’s a little forgetful, oblivious to obvious social cues, other than that he’s a total sweetheart. They seem perfect for each other; what could go wrong? According to The Cute Girl Network, a lot. This group of women have made it their personal goal to convince Jane to break up with Jack for her own good. At first Jane is appalled at the idea. But as she discovers more and more about Jack’s less than graceful dating history she can’t help questioning their relationship. Can Jack prove himself worthy enough for Jane? Or will she follow the advice of The Cute Girl Network and dump his sorry butt? 

The Cute Girl Network – from Greg Means, M.K. Reed and Joe Flood

Normally, I rarely find myself adoring- let alone recommending- anything resembling a romantic comedy, I just find them stale; especially in this day and age. That being said I fell in love with The Cute Girl Networkinstantly. Yes, it’s a modern romantic comedy but it’s actually romantic. And hilarious! What caught my attention first was the art style, illustrator Joe Flood brings a very detailed and refreshing design for this quirky romance. What I loved most about this book was how relatable certain elements are. The narration cleverly puts you in the shoes of poor Jane as she subtly deals with things most women are forced to go through at one point or another such as sexism in the workplace, harassment on the street, having your friends constantly tell you “you could do better” or ask “what do you see in him/her/them?” when you’re clearly happy in your relationship. It is also relatable that the majority of the characters are clearly living the lifestyle only accustomed with being in your twenties and still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. 


Yes, it is a romantic comedy, though I promise it’s worth a read. There’s something for everyone! It’ll make you laugh (like, actually laugh) it’ll make you roll your eyes disapprovingly and it’ll make you desperately root for the unlikely lovers to live happily ever after. Chock full of great characters and a bunch of “awwww” moments, I highly recommend you put The Cute Girl Network on your reading list. 



Fallon Marie Gannon