Thank you to Marvel Press for sending me a copy of Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma for review!

Peter Parker has only been Spider-Man for a few months and is still getting the hang of things. Balancing school, his crush on MJ and an internship at The Daily Bugle is easier said than done. Then, the Sandman starts acting weird after getting out of jail, and a mysterious, possibly alien artifact goes missing. Peter is determined to figure out what’s happening before things get dangerous.

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma is the first in a three-book middle-grade series by the hilarious Preeti Chhibber. She captures the voice and feel of classic characters while keeping things fresh for a new audience. The book starts a few months after the fateful spider bite; Peter’s still a teen, but this isn’t quite an origin story.

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While he’s still figuring out his powers and what it means to be a hero, Peter is already familiar with baddies like Sandman and the Beetle. He has a pretty good suit and knows how to sneak in and out of his bedroom window mostly undetected.

I loved the scenes where Peter worked as a social media intern for The Daily Bugle. Aside from taking amazing pictures of Spider-Man, he has no idea what he’s doing. Social media lessons were a great way to get him and MJ to hang out beyond school and group projects.

I also appreciated that the Bugle staff didn’t agree with J. Jonah Jameson’s total Spider-Man hatred. The way some of the younger employees pushed back made a lot more sense than just following whatever JJJ shouted at them.

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Publishers Weekly calls author Chhibber a “Spider-Man super fan,” and she’s no stranger to Marvel properties; she writes the Avengers Assembly series and wrote Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal for Spider-Man: Far From Home. I love her work and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Overall, this book is a super fun start to a series. Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma is perfect for Spider-Man fans and newbies alike. It has action, a mystery and even teen drama — all the things that make Spider-Man so much fun.

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma is out on July 26. It’s currently available for preorder from your local independent bookstore or

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