Meet Camille Preaker. After a brief stay in a psychiatric hospital, she returns to her small hometown to report on the murders of two young girls. While in town she is forced to reconnect with her estranged and hypochondriac mother. As if that wasn’t stressful enough? She must also attempt to get along with a half sister that is a little too conniving for her age and deal with just how close to home these child murders are. 

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This was my first Gillian Flynn novel so I jumped in without reading any reviews. I was a fool. A good portion of the time I was happily engrossed, who doesn’t love a good creepy story? While the majority of the time I spent rereading certain paragraphs; doing a bit of a double take to check if I actually read what I read and not something out of a fever dream. It was an experience I’d never had, as disturbing as it got at some point it was almost refreshing. Flynn’s brutally honest characters, especially Camille, were enough to keep me hooked for the long run, making the wild psychological roller coaster I succumbed to just an added bonus.

Overall, the story is extremely well written with my favorite part, again, being the characters. Even though almost all of them make questionable decisions that is what makes me like them so much, my favorite being Amma without a doubt. She is a character you love to hate then can’t help but respect by the end of the novel. Without giving too much away lets just say she has a funny way of getting exactly what she wants; she is also a fantastic craftsmen. Fans of Handmaid’s Tale will appreciate how this disturbing story unfolds. Or, if you can’t find the time to read, I would also recommend the book’s television adaption on HBO staring Amy Adams.  


Fallon Marie Gannon