Thank you, Skyhorse Publishing, for sharing a copy of A Rattle of Bones for an honest review.

Fall is upon us, and now is the time to settle in with spooky stories and mysteries. And what could be more mysterious than a mystery over a few hundred years old? In Douglas Skelton’s A Rattle of Bones, reporter Rebecca Connolly finds herself entwined in a world of murder, politics and crime. When banners start to appear on the gravesite of Seamus a’Ghlynne, a man executed in 1752, claiming that James Stewart is innocent of the murder of his lover Murdo Maxwell, Connolly jumps on the investigation. But not everything is what it seems, and even the local crime boss is interested in the case.

A Rattle of Bones is Skelton’s third novel that stars the badass investigator Rebecca Connolly. This installment was my first taste of the series, but it was a no-brainer to check out Thunder Bay and The Blood is Still. If you find yourself in the same boat as me and starting with the third book, don’t fret. Skelton provides enough background information to get readers up to speed without the overly repetitive feeling. Each novel feels standalone and can be read as one, though I highly suggest checking out the entire series.

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While the story is packed with mystery and suspense, the real draw for me is how Skelton expresses his characters. He clearly has a path he is building, and their growth feels natural. Even in A Rattle of Bones alone, we see how Rebecca transforms throughout the story. Combine that with her overarching story over the entire series, and it’s transformative. Plus, the interactions between characters are some of my favorite moments in the book. There are times within mystery/thriller novels when all the focus lies in the plot details, but Skelton doesn’t ignore the importance of balancing both.

A Rattle of Bones is a terrific read for this time of year. Along with the suspense we have come to expect within a thriller novel, it is also packed with heartwarming moments, dark humor and excitement. With Skelton’s novel heading to print this November, now is the perfect time to preorder your copy


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