Thank you, SparkPoint Studio, for sending me an advanced reader’s copy of A Hex for Danger for an honest review.

From the brilliant mind of Esme Addison comes A Hex for Danger, the second installment in her Enchanted Bay Mystery series. Aleksander Daniels is back and has been busy running the family business while keeping her supernatural powers secret. However, she still manages to find time to help her close friend Celeste plan the Mermaid Festival in town.

As people begin to descend on the town, Alex gets to know renowned artist Neve Ryland. She’s in town to decorate the local park with a mermaid-themed mural. However, Celeste isn’t happy with Neve when she learns that she is spending entirely too much one-on-one time with her boyfriend, Jasper. Things take a turn for the worst when Neve shows up dead in her office.

All evidence points to Celeste and in an attempt to prove her innocence, she asks Alex for help. With magically inclined family in tow, Alex dives headfirst, all in the name of clearing her friend of suspicion. But the further Alex gets into the investigation, the more it becomes clear that she might be in way over her head with this one.

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Addison’s second novel, A Hex for Danger, bridges the genres of paranormal fantasy and a murder mystery to bring us another must-read summer novel. No doubt releasing this in July was meant to help us envoke the feel of summer. Addison’s descriptions of Bellamy Bay remind me of the summer towns I get to visit here in New Jersey. And it gets even better than just the town; she gives us a vivid description of everything. Being able to close my eyes and build the world in my mind always brings me such joy.

A Hex for Danger takes us on a rollercoaster of twists and turns in Alex’s investigation. When she gets close to uncovering who is behind it all, something else comes into play. This brings us back to the drawing board to dissect more clues. Alex is a bit pushy throughout the novel. There are times she outright argues with her boyfriend Jack, but it comes from a place of needing to help those around her. She doesn’t want her friend to be wrongfully accused and is willing to do what she must to find the real culprit.

We even get a mix of fantasy elements within A Hex for Danger. Alex and her family are descendants of mermaids and this second novel helps to expand on what that really means for them. We also learn more about another family in town who has their own magical routes as well. It is just enough to satisfy the fantasy sweet tooth without taking over the entire novel. With this being the second in the series, I suggest reading A Spell for Trouble first to get a bit more info on the backstory of this world before diving in.

A Hex for Danger is another must-read novel for you to enjoy. It releases today, July 13, 2021, and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local bookshops.

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