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The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that, though details are scarce, it looks as if Spider-Man: Homecoming is potentially getting yet another villain added to their ranks and he will be played by Riddick and Fargo actor, Bokeem Woodbine.


To quote the Reporter — “sources say Woodbine joins Michael Keaton and Logan Marshall-Green as a villain.”

With him and Logan Marshall-Green, it’s likely that they are subordinate villains working as unnamed criminals directly under Michael Keaton’s primary villain, rumored to be The Vulture. If they are characters from Spider-Man’s comic book mythology they are, at the very least, following Keaton’s lead.

That being said, with Logan Marshall-Green and now Bokeem Woodbine rumored to be villains, if they add one more name to the list, we here at Geek Girl Authority are staking our claim that we’ll see The Enforcers appearing in the film — Montana, Fancy Dan and Ox.  Ditko-Splash-03They first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #10 and are a small team of criminals and henchmen-for-hire. They’ve worked with Green Goblin, The Kingpin and Sandman and have gone up against other heroes, such as Daredevil. They are among Spider-Man’s earliest foes and it seems as if Marvel is really finding a lot of inspiration from those early Steve Ditko/Stan Lee Silver-Age comics.


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