Have you always dreamed of going to space, but didn’t like all the science and math of becoming an astronaut?  Well, you’re in luck… Lazy.  Jeff Bezo’s private space company, Blue Origin, is officially setting its sights on selling tickets for commercial suborbital space flight on their New Shepard vehicles.  

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The New Shepards have undergone eight test flights so far.  The last one was in April, and there’s no schedule for the next, except for the “summer time frame”, but the plan is to start using test passengers “soon”.  And, according to space.com, those first passengers will likely be “its personnel” before they will be anyone from the paying public.  

Blue Origin Senior Vice President, Rob Meyerson, made an announcement at the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit saying, “We expect to start selling tickets in 2019,”.  Meyerson left out one tiny detail… price.  There has been no indication exactly how much one of these flights will cost.  But, you can bet it’ll cost you.  

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Blue Origin also has their sights set on the moon.  When speaking of  the Blue Moon lunar lander that they’re working on, Meyerson said, “We believe that setting up colonies on the moon is the next logical step towards exploring Mars and beyond”.  So, maybe you want to save your millions until colonization.  Future world problems.  


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