Praise be to the dearly incinerated Baron Afanas! A new teaser for Season 2 of What We Do in the Shadows has swooped in on the wings of a bat. Now, we have just shy of a month to wait for our favorite vampire roommates to return to our screens. 

In said teaser, we see Laszlo (Matt Berry) trying on an oxygen mask. He comments that it looks like his codpiece, except the latter is bigger. Ahem. Meanwhile, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) is smitten with a drug store employee named Kyle who’s checking her blood pressure. Of course, she assumes that it’s all part of a “special blood ritual.” Clearly, Nadja is over Je-ffsk? Je-ffst? I think his name is Jeff. Anyway, it looks like Kyle will be in for a rude awakening when he discovers that she has no blood pressure to check! Then, the teaser ends with a showing of the Season 2 release date – Wednesday April 15th, to be exact. 

Now, this show became one of my favorites when it aired last year. I loved the film What We Do in the Shadows, but I was reticent when I heard a TV series adaptation was in the works. However, Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi are behind the wheel, and What We Do in the Shadows has the same dry tone as its predecessor. We’re in good comedy hands, folks. Not to mention, the actors have pitch perfect comedic timing. 

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So, peruse the What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 teaser below at your own peril. If you need me, I’ll be sleeping in my coffin until April 15th. 

What We Do in the Shadows stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen, and Mark Proksch. Season 2 premieres Wednesday April 15th on your FX affiliate. 

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