BlizzConline kicked off tonight with its opening ceremony! We got the chance to see what’s next for all of Blizzard Entertainment‘s games, including World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The last we left off, we adventurers had ventured into the Shadowlands after Slyvanas ripped the veil between both worlds open. We escaped the Maw and traveled through the four major zones, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Ravendreth. We learned how the Jailer had corrupted Sire Denathrius and was stealing anima from each covenant.

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Of course, we couldn’t let that fly, so we burst into his castle and put an end to his terror. But that wasn’t enough. The Jailer is still planning on achieving his goal of unwriting the world as we know it. In the first big content patch, Chains of Domination, we are going to continue the fight to save both the Shadowlands and Azeroth. But this wasn’t the most exciting thing to come out of the World of Warcraft section of the opening ceremony. The BlizzConline announcement came with a brand new cinematic that rocked our world.

We knew through quests that set us into Torghast that the Jailer had plans for the Alliance King Anduin. We could only speculate what they could use him for. But now this cinematic answers that question and I am not okay. In Bastion, the Archon meets with her Paragons to discuss what the Shadowlands need to do to take down the Jailer. But before the meeting can continue, Kleia arrives to announce that a King has come to speak with them. We watch as Anduin makes his way through Elysian Hold, where Uther takes note of him.

But things seem to be amiss. Anduin appears off in a way and the Archon notices immediately. It appears that the Jailer is controlling Anduin. Before anyone can stop him, Anduin transforms into a Lich King lookalike and drives his corrupted sword into the heart of the Archon. I was speechless. Utterly speechless. The cinematic draws to a close as Anduin returns to the Jailer with Bastion’s key. There is so much to take from this cinematic. Anduin’s corruption and how it looks as if he almost slips back into his normal self at one point like he is fighting this. How Slyvanas looks as if she is really second-guessing her choice. And one thing I can’t get out of my head is how Uther is drawn to Andiun as he passes. Almost like he can feel the Jailer within him. Or my theory is that Anduin is somehow connected to Arthas, which is what Uther is sensing.

We expect to learn more about the upcoming content patch Chains of Domination during the World of Warcraft panels during BlizzConline. So check back for more news and announcements! Check out the cinematic below and let us know what your theories are!



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