We got a nostalgia rush during BlizzConline‘s opening ceremony with the Blizzard Arcade Collection‘s announcement. They have ported three of Blizzard Entertainment‘s original games Rock & Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne.

Blizzard just knows how to hit us right in the heart. These games are a huge part of so many players’ childhoods and getting to experience those all over again is simply fantastic. They shared that we are getting the Original and Definitive editions to see how the game has progressed over the years. We are also getting a few updates for quality of life, like saving and loading games. There is no need to worry about restarting every time you need to walk away.

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This is such a great kicking-off point for an arcade cabinet like-collection through Blizzard. They could create new games in the classic arcade-style based on their IPs (intellectual properties). Could you imagine a racing game with our favorites from Overwatch or a fighter game with Azeroth’s greatest heroes! They can do so much and we now have the means to get it. For anyone who has purchased the Blizzard Anniversary Bundle, it will be available to them right away!

Blizzard Arcade Collection is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Let us know how excited you are to relive these iconic games. Be sure to check back with us for more news coming from BlizzConline!



Julia Roth
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