Overwatch fans are running on an all time high right now thanks to the BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony. Blizzard has finally announced the upcoming Overwatch 2. A PVE (player versus environment) has been long asked for by the Overwatch community. The PVP (player versus player) game features several different game modes, except a true story mode. Of all the PVP shooter games, the amount of lore and story Blizzard has created just needs a good game for it.

Overwatch 2 will feature four player co-op story missions where they play as iconic original Overwatch members and the new generation.We will be able to uncover this new global crisis. The story will have you teaming up with different members and crushing the omnic forces of the Null sector. Players will also come face to face with the new threats spawning across the globe. The trailer really does give us some emotional feels (I’m not crying you’re crying) as the team comes together once again to defend the world.

In the hero missions, players will be sent across the world to save cities under attack from against robot invasions, elite Talon agents, and just crushing bad guy butt. The heroes will need to go above and beyond to complete these missions, but will definitely reap the rewards. Players will be able to upgrade their heroes abilities to gain special customization options. For instance you can upgrade Tracer’s pulse bomb to cause a devastating chain reaction.

Now those fans of PVP don’t be sad, we are still getting a new and improved experience in Overwatch 2. We are getting several new characters, new maps and locations and a new push game mode. The star of the second trailer has to be the adorable robot who is just too good at pushing the payload. Players who are not interested in playing the PVE portion of Overwatch 2 do not have to. Blizzard is committed to adding all of the new PVP elements to the original Overwatch and allows players on both to join together.

We do not have a release date just yet for Overwatch 2 but you can get into the action now with Overwatch on the PC through their website here. It is also playable on Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

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Julia Roth
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