When Overwatch was announced at BlizzCon 2015, fans were treated to an incredible animated short that told the origin story of the heroes of Overwatch and their fight against the Omnics. Since then, the Overwatch team has continued to release digital shorts that reveal the past of our favorite heroes. It is impressive how much backstory Blizzard has been able to give us in different mediums, from animated shorts, to interactive comic books, to printed comic books. In each release, they have continued to impress the tens of thousands of fans who play Overwatch and are a part of the Overwatch community.

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At BlizzCon 2017, they showed another animated short, “Honor and Glory,” that centers on Reinhardt and the day he joined Overwatch. It is an incredible tale of sacrifice and honor. In it, we see an old Reinhardt debating his return to Overwatch while Torbjörn’s daughter tries to convince him otherwise. We cut to a flashback and we are introduced to Reinhardt’s old mentor, Balderich, who was originally called to join Overwatch. Of course, as Crusaders, they were responsible for protecting the soldiers in their battle at Eichenwalde. We see a young, brash, over-confident Reinhardt who knows he has the capabilities to protect his men and destroy the enemy force in droves. Balderich, however, is the level-headed, judicious Crusader who attempts to keep Reinhardt focused on their task. Of course, things go awry, and Reinhardt is taught the important and devastating lesson of what honor really means.

As we cut back to the present, and Reinhardt has decided to answer Winston’s call to return to Overwatch. Not just for himself, but for the mentor who sacrificed everything.

You can watch the animated short below. You should have some tissues handy because the Feel Train is leaving the station.

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