Blizzard reached out and touched our hearts with their most recent addition to a long list of in game tributes. Stan Lee has been found roaming through the Stormwind Keep in the popular MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), World of Warcraft. He is sporting some pretty impressive Alliance pauldrons and faction gear with his iconic sunglasses and gray mustache. The NPC Stanley was found by player Bas Schouten who took to twitter to share his excitement.


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The Stan Lee NPC appeared when patch 8.1.5 went live on the PTR (public test realm). Wowhead announced that Stan has two more models in game. One has him in plain clothes while the other is sporting Horde gear. At this moment in time no one has found the other two in game models so be on the look out for him! If you follow him long enough you get to see him exclaim his famed catch phrase, ‘Excelsior!’ to other NPCs. This tribute for Stan Lee is one of my favorites so far and I am beyond excited that they added him in.

Blizzard is known for making tributes in game for those who have passed in the forms of NPCs or items and gear. Two notable tributes that can be found are for Robin Williams and Chris Farley. Both can be found in the Nagrand zone in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Robin can be found in the very south on an island by rubbing a magic lamp and having him appear in genie form. Barney Farley can be found near the Ring of Blood breaking down in a very Chris Farley like dance. Blizzard really has a way of helping us remember such amazing people. Share with us some of your favorite in game tributes or memorials!



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