Have you heard about the game Roulette? You can find this game in play in most casinos. But do you know who invented this game? This article will reveal some interesting facts about Roulette and its origin.

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented Roulette in the mid-17th century. He was from Clermont-Ferrand, France, and was exceptionally good in Latin and Greek languages. He was pretty good in some other languages but strongly focused on mathematics.

He was the first to invent Pascaline, what we call today the calculator. People who owned the prototypes of this machine were automatically thought to be high-classes. He even introduced the world to Pascal’s law and many other amazing inventions. Despite such creations, he unknowingly developed a casino game while developing the perpetual motion machine.

Now you might wonder, what is a perpetual motion machine?

This machine is assumed to work without any external sources, which is impossible in the language of science. But, while working on this Perpetuum mobile, Pascal developed the game we call today, Roulette.

There have been uncountable changes to this game and many historical facts which might still need to be discovered. So, in light of this context, let us learn some incredible facts about Roulette.

1. Initial Number System

In the 17th century, when this game was first invented, it originally had 38 numbers in the Roulette wheel, from 1 to 36, with an additional 0 and 00. The single 0 was colored red, and the double zero was colored 00. But later, in the 1800s, gamblers changed the coloring system to green and black/red colors, respectively.

2. The direction of the Wheel and the Ball

The tiny ball thrown inside the spinning wheel or the Roulette wheel is always thrown in the opposite direction to the rotation. If the croupier is spinning the wheel in an anti-clockwise direction, the ball is turned clockwise. In some casinos, the wheel direction is changed simultaneously to keep things fair and square.

3. All-in Bet: Ashley Revell

Often players stop betting when they lose. But, Ashley Revell, an English man, once sold everything under his possession to try his luck in Roulette. He raised a hefty amount of $135,000, and to everyone’s shock, he doubled the money by walking into the Roulette wheel of Plaza casino in Las Vegas.

4. Roulette – “A Devil’s Game”

The total of all the numbers in a Roulette table is 666. In Bible, this number is an indication of the devil’s number. This is one of many reasons for Roulette earned this nickname – perhaps due to its luck-based gaming idea.

Final Note

This form of the game is much more popular in casinos, and many interesting facts still need to be discovered by pro gamblers. Blaize Pascal, the scientist, gifted the gambler with the game Roulette, and now this game is even available online amongst some of the highest payout online casinos in Australia.