This week we’re finally getting Wonder Woman and excitement is building ever further with all the positive reviews. So what can we do to pass the time until the film comes out? Watch some blacksmiths build her God Killer sword. 

Man At Arms is a popular web series where blacksmiths create famous weapons, mostly from fictional works. They’ve created pieces such as Jake’s sword from Adventure Time to Aragorn’s Narsil from Lord of the Rings. They even create weapons inspired by characters like an Iron Man sword. The show started out with master swordsmith Tony Swatton recreating the weapons but it soon moved on to the Stagmer brothers under the banner Man At Arms: Reforged. 

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Last week, the group recreated and put their spin on Wonder Woman’s shield and it turned out beautiful. This week they recreated her God Killer sword. At 20 minutes long, the video walks through the steps of forging the sword to creating the hilt. While it’s almost obvious, a lot goes into creating a sword. But sometimes you don’t know just how much goes into it! And to make it practical is the icing on the cake. It’s truly fascinating and yes, I’ve fallen down the YouTube watching hole.

What do you think of their recreation? Let us know!

Erin Lynch