Yes oh yes! The Black Widow film just got a heck of a lot more exciting. According to Variety, director and writer Cate Shortland has been selected to bring our favorite MCU heroine to the big screen. This news comes a few weeks after her name being at the top of the shortlist of directors for the film. And apparently the list was even bigger than that.

The award winning director was chosen out of 70 filmmakers for the role. Shortland has quite a reputation under her belt. All 4 of her films have been nominated and half even won for best direction roles. While she’s been behind the lens on smaller films, this big budget film will be the chance she needs to launch into bigger success. And, if I may be so bold, I believe Shortland can bring an emotional performance out of the cold spy, given her intimate, tight shots. Marvel has, unfortunately, not released a comment on the news.

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And as we previously learned, Kevin Feige and star Scarlett Johansson are very invested in this film. Shortland joins Jac Schaeffer, who has been penning the script since January. So as far as we know, Feige is the only male in the production team. At least that’s been announced. And that’s fantastic! With Schaeffer and Shortland behind the scenes, we’re sure to get a female perspective on the film that’s been so needed for her character.

Things are very hush, hush about the film but it has been a long time coming. All the way from fans demanding Black Widow toys during Avengers to now. 10 years of making these films and she’s finally getting her own. It’s about time, Marvel! She’s too intriguing of a character to keep using as a piece of the story. I’m interested to see where they go with her character and if Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) will be involved. It was briefly touched on in films like Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, but it could be an interesting route to explore.

What are you looking forward to most? Are you excited for Cate Shortland to join? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Marvel news. The untitled Black Widow film is currently in pre-production.


Erin Lynch