Netflix is rolling out trailers for Black Mirror season 4, episode by episode.  The second trailer for season 4 focuses on the episode entitled Crocodile.  And, it’s a chilling look at selective memory. 

The Crocodile trailer juxtaposes a verbal account with a visual one, after an accident.  It starts with some manner of inspector saying ‘memories can be subjective’.  This we know.  Memory is unreliable, and so too are eye witness accounts.  This is about uncovering memory that might be deeply buried.  You hear the subject of the investigation saying ‘I don’t remember anything’ and the inspector says ‘picture what you saw’.   She’s going to get that memory, even if he doesn’t want to give it.  

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This is another exploration of what technology can do for, and to us.  The purpose is clearly to get the truth, but when you’re in someone’s mind, you have access to a lot more than fact.  Where does privacy live in a world where your memories are public record?  Is it possible that it’s true that ‘private stuff is private stuff’? We will soon find out.  

There hasn’t been a Black Mirror premiere date announced yet.  But, I think we can expect four more trailers for the upcoming season’s 6-episodes.  Stay tuned.  


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