Finally!  It’s happened!  Netflix has given us a release date for Black Mirror season four!  They have also given us an awesome official trailer that lays out a few more details from each episode.  The trailer gives a powerful message, ‘It’s hard to imagine a bright future.  But, we can and we must.’  And, then it shows you all the reasons not to… set to hauntingly beautiful music.

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You see snippets of each of the six parts of season four in this official trailer.  The music is calming, people are laughing or saying nothing is wrong, and there’s a robot telling you ‘everything happens for a reason’, so everything should be fine.  Right? Right?!?  Except that every face has distress in it.  Every utterance is tense and desperate.  The juxtaposition of message and content in this trailer is really pretty brilliant.  There is no doubt in my mind that season four will be just as compelling when we watch it in its entirety.

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And, yes!  We know when that is!  Black Mirror season four will start streaming on Netflix on December 29th!  So, have a happy new year, and hope it’s not ‘more like a waking nightmare.’ 

Watch the official trailer here.  See you behind the glass.  

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