BioWare has some pretty big plans over the coming months surrounding their online multiplayer role-playing game Anthem. If you are unsure why this is big news, let me take you back to a year ago as BioWare was preparing to release their first game within this genre. Things looked great from all sides, but that ended quickly. Calling it a rocky start is a vast understatement. 

The biggest issue for me was that the story never really tied together. With so many narrative-driven games released each year, that has always been a driving point for me. There were always questions like why was I helping or how is this supposed to affect me? The game also relied heavily on completing missions. This is normally fine, what frustrated me was I continuously had to complete the same objectives. But above all else, the game just felt unfinished.

Don’t call it a comeback, not yet. But the Anthem update post released today by Casey Hudson is giving me high hopes. BioWare knows where they fell flat and have been listening to players over the last year which is why they will be working on a long-term redesign of the game. The focus, according to Casey Hudson, will be split between a reinvention to the core gameplay loop, clear and motivating goals, and stronger endgame content.

Casey Hudson makes it clear that there is no end date to this project. From the sounds of it, they are giving the dedicated team the time they need without stressing them on the “when” details. This could mean a well-thought-out change to the entire game that will redefine the title. Or it could become a never-ending struggle to perfect Anthem and lead to unseen results.

So what does this mean to current players? The current version of Anthem will still be playable, but will not have anymore full seasons. Instead they will cycle through past seasonal content while also keeping the store updated and focus more on events. The first event being their upcoming one-year anniversary at the end of February. Like I said before, don’t call it a comeback just yet. We need to see how the next couple of months pan out before anything is set in stone.

If you have not had a chance to check out Anthem, it is playable on PC through Origin, PS4 and the Xbox One.

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