Interesting relationship developments on the best episode of The Big Bang Theory so far this season, “The Confidence Erosion.” After 15 years of verbal abuse, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) wants some time apart from Howard (Simon Helberg), while Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) cover important wedding planning ground. 

Raj is up for a new job managing the programming at Griffith Observatory’s planetarium. When he bombs the interview, despite getting wardrobe advice from Penny (Kaley Cuoco), he decides that Howard’s constant teasing has eroded his confidence to the point where he needs to distance himself from the toxic relationship. 

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Howard is hurt by this, but it’s true that he teases Raj incessantly. He turns to Stuart (Kevin Sussman) for company and finds him a poor substitute. 

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When Raj winds up getting the planetarium job after all, Howard hides in the back of his first show to be there without making trouble. Afterwards, he’s about to try to heal the breach at Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) urging, when a beautiful woman approaches Raj and asks if she can buy him a coffee. Deciding Raj seems better off without him, Howard sneaks away. 

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy transition quickly from believing they’ve found the perfect math-based solution to planning a wedding, Decision Theory, to discovering that human nature is stronger than math. They’ve created a computerized “wheel” they spin to randomly select one wedding aspect. They take turns spinning the wheel until they’ve divided the parts of the wedding 50-50.shamy 3 bbt

This works in theory, but when they actually start naming their decisions regarding those aspects, the egregious mismatches ignite an epic fight. For example, Amy wants to arrive in a Little House on the Prairie-style horse and carriage, where she would be greeted by the Stormtrooper ushers Sheldon wants. 

As Sheldon begins scheming for ways to get what he wants, Amy suggests that they just get married at City Hall instead. Sheldon agrees that this is appealing and chooses the following day. 

At City Hall, Amy is sincerely happy just to be marrying the fella she loves, but Sheldon starts second-guessing their choice to skip the wedding. When their names are called, he stops Amy and tells her that she’s a better discovery than dark matter, because he wasn’t even looking for her when he found her. If he’d made a similar unexpected find in his professional life, he’d announce it to the world. He doesn’t want to get married to her without doing the same. 

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Amy, reasonably moved by his speech, agrees.

They don’t waste the trip to City Hall, though. Sheldon gets a permit to dispose of hazardous waste while they’re there. 

Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) is still on bedrest and barely made an appearance this week. Hopefully she’ll be back in action soon!

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Leona Laurie