Are you tired of staring morosely out your window, wondering, “Is it Thursday yet?”. Are you learning a lot from new Handbooker Helper on Wednesdays? Can’t get enough of the witty repartee of Talks Machina every Tuesday evening? Just need more Dungeons and Dragons in your life? Then we’ve got good news!

Critical Role is bringing you a new show, Between the Sheets, beginning Monday, September 17th, at 7PM PST. The new talk show features Talks Machina host Brian W. Foster in conversation with a special guest each week, exploring the stories behind the storytellers. We’ll see the familiar faces of Critical Role in the first season and we’ll get to know other directors, writers, artists, and creators in the community in the future. Foster and his guest will share a unique cocktail each episode, and will teach us how to recreate it at home.

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In an interview with SYFY WIRE, Critical Role cast member and creative director Marisha Ray had this to say on the new show:

“It’s more of a one-on-one in-depth interview show where we can kind of talk about some of these backstories of us as people and some of the amazing people working in this community to make it happen. It’s a lot of community-centered stuff in the beginning, and I’m just hoping it all feeds back to this one message that everyone should play D&D.”

Between the Sheets will air Mondays at 7PM PST on Critical Role’s Twitch channel, with VODs available there immediately following the show. You can also find them on their official YouTube channel on Wednesdays, beginning September 19th.


Lyndsi Anderson