Grab your fedoras and whips because its time to go treasure hunting! Bethesda teased on their official Twitter today a trailer for an upcoming project set in the Indiana Jones universe. This will be a brand new story original story created by Bethesda alongside MachineGames and will be produced by Todd Howard is collaboration with Lucas Film Games.

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There isn’t much else we know about the upcoming game. The teaser trailer itself does give us some ideas. First we see quite a few books on the subject ancient circles, myths and what looks to be maps of temples or other underground buildings. It gives me the idea that we are getting the traditional Indiana Jones adventures we know and love. We also see a passport which can only lead to lots of world traveling. There is also an overnight slip to Rome which could point to part of the game taking place there. And of course, we see a top secret mission folder but no idea what the mission actually is.

Bethesda shared that they aren’t ready to reveal anything else on the matter, but wanted to let fans know what was coming next. It will be exciting to see a new Indiana Jones game and the fact that MachineGames is making it is so much better. They are responsible for the Wolfenstein franchise and have a long history of single player period piece story games. Hopefully over the next year we will have more news to share with everyone on the upcoming title!



Julia Roth
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