The spring is approaching, so you can brace up for the best zombie games. Some of them are dedicated to the creation of video games that feature hordes of zombies. You will be treated to a variety of entertainment. For instance, a section of the games exhibits slaughter fests that are entirely action-packed, while others will leave you reeling in intricate simulations as you wait for ignoble death. Some players prefer deep and scary games because of the thrill they offer. If you have a thing for horrifying episodes, here are our top 5 recommendable zombie games:

The Last of Us

No doubt that this is the most entertaining zombie title ever to be made. In 2013, it was listed as the Game of the Year. The game gives you an encounter into the dangerous post-human United States, a largely overgrown country. This new state is full of rebel groups, a repressive government and gun-toting survivalists. You will be amazed at the mushroom-brained zombies that come after your jugular with their frightening teeth. All you have to do is protect yourself with a snarky little girl, occasionally making fun of you.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

This is an upgrade of Resident Evil GameCube that was launched in 2002. The new version has eliminated the abject loneliness that is synonymous with other zombie games. Resident Evil HD Remaster gives a unique perspective about the undead. More action entails how you manoeuvre around zombies that you imagine they have stopped moving for good. So you must ensure that you put them down by hitting them in the head and later burn their corpses. If you fail to release the headshot, the zombies will rise against you.

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead

You will be committing a grave sin if you don’t include this game among the greats. The casino experience of other zombie titles will have you shoot and blow brains or keep chopping heads. For the Telltale’s The Walking Dead, you simply take a journey into the world of the living human under the zombie apocalypse theme. Players are exposed to highly messed up stuff, and the game tests how fast you can make a decision rather than achieving your aim.

State of Decay 2

The aim of creating this title is to fix the flaws and build strengths of the predecessor. Players in Canada and other parts of the world are required to use a dotted map to tell their survival tale in the zombie apocalypse. You are also provided with resources to generate survivors who add up as your friends. State of Decay 2 is built with Gorey fun combat, great graphics and exciting Midwestern scenes which provide an excellent gaming time. More fun lies in the action where zombies attack you from the gate when food runs out.

Urban Dead

This zombie title has existed since 2005, featuring a war between hordes of undead and desperate survivors. Surprisingly, you can run the game in real-time on any suitable browser. It is intense because you will occasionally run out of stamina. You are in charge, so you have to control your survivors and prevent them from too much travel and barricading. When they tire out, hole them somewhere to rejuvenate. Take note that zombies will also tire and lose stamina, so this is your moment to cut them down.

Other zombie-themed games

This class of games is suitable for players who are so much into horror, and for players who are into real money games, there is always Zombie Zed to see more click here. The touch of variety gives zombie games an edge above other slots. However, these are not for the light-hearted. The experience into the world of the dead and the zombie apocalypse is one to fancy. No doubt that you will be engaged for the entire period you log into the game sites.