It’s August, and the world is on literal fire. I’ve been wrapping myself in the warm cocoon of romance since I feel helpless against the impending climate apocalypse. Not my own romance, mind (yuck), but fictional romance. For some ooey-gooey, heart-melty distraction, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorite TV comfort kisses. These smooches run the gamut from sweet to spicy and everywhere in between. The comfort food snogs are in alphabetical order by series. Enjoy.

I won’t tell anyone if you swoon a little 🙂

Spoilers, natch. 

Jake & Amy

First up on the list of amazing comfort kisses is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero) first kiss (S02E23, “Johnny and Dora”). These two have one of those classic sitcom fauxtagonist relationships where it’s obvious that it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. Partners on the streets turned partners in the sheets, amiright? But seriously, I know B99 is a tough sell considering the reality of the police force in today’s America ⁠—  as much as I’ve loved it, I can’t watch a show about Good Cops anymore, but I do have fond memories of this lovely relationship. 

Willow & Tara

Gif of Willow and Tara kissing

Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S05E16 “The Body.”  20th Century Fox / WB

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a formative experience, to say the least. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my everything for a while there. BTVS was one of the first times I saw queer people on TV, and it was like a grown-up Are You Afraid of the Dark. I got up early to watch 7 am reruns, yo. My favorite Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Tara (Amber Benson) kiss is a literal in-show comfort kiss. It takes place in S05E16, “The Body,” after Buffy’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) mom has died and Willow and Tara are getting dressed for the funeral. Willow is hyper-focused on finding a specific sweater that Buffy’s mom liked because that’s easier than confronting grief, and she starts freaking out. Tara kisses her to calm her down. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also the first time they kissed on screen, though it wasn’t their first kiss as a couple. 

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Miles & Tristan

Degrassi: The Next Generation is full of all sorts of kisses: fun, steamy, awkward — you name it, they’ve done it. But, Miles’s (Eric Osborne) and Tristan’s (Lyle Lettau) first (real) kiss (S13E40 “Thunderstruck, Part 2”) has stayed with me, not because it’s a queer kiss, but because of the emphasis on consent. Consent is so darn sexy and while, sure, sometimes we think we can tell from the tilt of someone’s head, their facial expression or their eyes that they want us to kiss them … nothing is as clear as “go ahead.” To get really personal, I’ve had a hard time expressing to my last two partners how much I need enthusiastic consent to be part of every encounter.  Seeing two young ones being down with the idea so easily is what makes this such a comfort kiss. 

Olivia & Peter 

Gif of Olivia and Peter near kiss

Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, Fringe, S02E15 “Jacksonville.” WB / Fox TV.

Sometimes an almost-kiss is sexier than a kiss. That’s why I’ve chosen Fringe‘s Olivia’s (Anna Torv) and Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) near-kiss in S02E15 “Jacksonville.” Romantic moments can be inspiring, as we see in this moment. What’s fun about Fringe is that it’s not a romantic show, per se, but themes of love permeate. The whole catalyst for the series is basically Walter’s (John Noble) love for his family. That a moment of “missed” romance triggers a moment of self-knowledge isn’t surprising. Plus, a little bit of sexual tension never hurt anyone … right?

Kurt & Blaine

Gif of Kurt and Blaine kissing

Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, Glee, S02E16 “Original Song.” 20th Century Fox.

So, I’ll admit I dropped Glee like I’d never do with a hot potato somewhere around its third season. Things got a little too … mean and unfunny? And a little offensive? But, honestly, Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) and Blaine’s (Darren Criss) first kiss in S02E16 “Original Song” is just so good. Most of us know that feeling of wanting that person who seems out of reach, the one who it seems is just too cool to ever want us.  You don’t have to be queer to know that feeling, but oh, does that extra isolation add to the sweetness of this. Young love. So sweet. 

Eleanor & Chidi

The Good Place is one of my comfort watches, to begin with. Chidi’s (William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor’s (Kristen Bell) relationship is epic for many reasons and spans literal centuries. They topple into each other again and again, over multiple timelines. I <3 their (technically) first kiss in S0307 “The Worst Possible Use of Free Will” the most because of the pair. Eleanor’s the one who has more to learn about giving in to love. Not that Chidi doesn’t have his own issues (I mean, who thinks they’re in Hell because they drank too much almond milk?) But the face Bell gives when Eleanor realizes how amazing Chidi is, right before she dives in for the kiss? That’s perfection. 

Petra & JR

Gif of Petra and JR kissing

Rosario Dawson and Yael Grobglas, Jane the Virgin, S04E14 “Chapter Seventy-Eight.” WB/CW.

Petra (Yael Grobglas) and JR (Rosario Dawson) are literally the only good best thing about the latter half of Jane the Virgin (and that’s not just because of my massive crush on Dawson). It seems like JR was initially introduced to make a “Who shot J.R.?” joke. I’m not even mad about that. Cuz out of that joke, we got an amazing melting of stone-cold Petra and it is glorious. I’m torn between two comfort kisses here. The first is when JR kisses Petra in S04E12, “Chapter Seventy-Six,” as a way to throw a stalking blackmailer off their trail. Right … But the kiss awakens something in Petra — queerness. It’s a queer awakening. The other kiss, in S04E14 “Chapter Seventy-Eight,” happens when tough-as-nails Petra has let down her guard, shown her cards and finally let JR know how she feels. Her eyes shine as her lady goes in for the smooch. 

Chuck & Ned

Gif of Ned and Chuck kissing

Lee Pace and Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies, S0103 ”The Fun in Funeral.” WB / ABC

Oh,  Pushing Daisies. RIP, victim of the 2008 WGA strike. Like my career in Hollywood, you were gone before you ever truly began. Due to his unfortunate death magic, Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel) aren’t able to kiss without face condoms, like Saran Wrap®. They can’t even hold hands without gloves. If they do, Chuck’ll drop dead (the second time). Especially in our current apocalyptic times, it’s nice to watch them love and touch without skin-to-skin contact (WEAR A MASK). In a way, it makes their love more timeless, more romantic, hearkening back to the time when TV couples couldn’t even share a bed, but it never feels oppressive. 

David & Patrick

Schitt’s Creek is one of those shows I can (and do) watch on loop. It never gets old. And while it’d be hilarious and worth watching even without the central relationship of David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid), they add extra heart to the show. When Patrick arrives on the scene, he near-immediately pursues David but is hesitant to take the face-plunge. David finally takes that step for them in S0313 “Grad Night,” and we learn that this is Patrick’s first experience with a guy. David doesn’t freak out; he immediately goes soft and warm and encouraging, but no less interested. 

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Waverly & Nicole

Gif of Waverly and Nicole kissing

Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell, Wynonna Earp, S0402 “Friends in Low Places.” IDW Entertainment/SYFY

Wynonna Earp‘s WayHaught (Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell, respectively) kiss a lot and any number of those smoochies could be considered an ultimate comfort kiss. And, let’s be real, their kisses are way hot (#sorrynotsorry). The one that gets me every time, though, is in S0402 “Friends in Low Places.” Unbeknownst to Waverly, she’s been missing for 18 months, three weeks and four days, and Nicole pours every one of those 49,495,389 seconds into this welcome back kiss. Wynonna Earp is awesome at sexy/wholesome relationships in general and does LGB rep proud. But this kiss? It makes me swoon. It makes my heart go boom, boom, boom … 


So, there you have it: 10 kisses that make my heart go boom boom boom, all while comforting me to my core. Did I miss your favorite? Sound off in the comments below! 

This article was originally published 8/17/21

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