A good show will make you feel all kinds of emotions. The Walking Dead has gotten good at instilling fear, anxiety, despair, and sadness in their fans, but they have their good moments too. Nothing makes you fight harder for survival like love.  Love is the one thing that is constant about this show. The love between family, friends, significant others and bros. Yes, BROS! 

Daryl and Rick, Eugene and Abraham, Sasha and Maggie, Eugene and Tara…Can girls be Bros? Yeah they can!

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With the season eight premiere just around the corner, Geek Girl Authority has been taking a look at what makes this show special. Let’s take a look at the 7 most romantic/BROmantic relationships of The Walking Dead.

Glenn and Maggie

If there was ever a couple we were rooting for, it’s Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohen).  Glenn was completely taken by Maggie when he met her on the farm.  So when she suggested that they hook up, Glenn was a little intimidated. The two developed a close relationship that made him want to protect her and her family.  He helped them get to the prison together and he gave them added support when Hershel (Scott Wilson) lost his leg.

Maggie and Glenn became inseparable.  They truly became stronger together.  The two often went on supply runs together because they knew they could trust each other to be safe and to watch each other’s back.  Unless they are facing an evil villain like the Governor (David Morrissey).  Merle (Michael Rooker) found the lovebirds and took them back to Woodbury.  This was the first time their strength was tested. 

They were rescued by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Michonne (Danai Gurira), but not without some traumatic stress.   The anger and embarrassment they felt caused them to fight.  Maggie wanted to forget it happened while Glenn was outraged and wanted revenge. 

After Glenn got his rage out of his system, he asked Hershel for his permission to marry Maggie.  Hershel gladly gave it to him.  Glenn gave Maggie a ring and didn’t say a word.  She knew what he was asking. And she said yes.  

Their relationship would be tested again, but they always remained true to each other.   Their love gave them confidence that they could overcome anything and anyone.  Well…almost anyone…

Eugene and Tara

I think the two most awkward people in the group are Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Tara (Alanna Masterson). Eugene isn’t very good at being social. And Tara is just a little goofy in the most serious moments. When the two met, Eugene told Tara that he thought she was hot.  She responded by telling him that she’s a lesbian.  That set the tone for one of the greatest friendships to date. 

These two met after the fall of the prison. Glenn and Tara were looking for Maggie.  They ran into Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Eugene who took them the opposite direction.  Tara bought into Abraham’s mission to protect Eugene and get him to Washington D. C.  She wanted to believe that Eugene had a cure for the dead.

Eugene confided in Tara that he sabotaged their transportation because he knew they wouldn’t keep him around if he can’t save the world. This is the first time that Tara reassures him that he’s important.  Later, she defends Eugene to Rosita and Glenn. She says it’s his only strength

Tara knows how to talk to Eugene and give him the confidence to be brave.  She doesn’t nag him about being a coward, but instead tries to uplift him.  He has saved her life because he knows she would do the same for him. Their friendship is special.

Tara was in a coma after that brave attempt by Eugene. When he heard she was awake he rushed to her side.  She was very happy to see Eugene and that he still has his mullet.

If anyone can and will save Eugene, it will be Tara.

Aaron and Eric

We don’t know too much about Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) prior to the apocalypse.   They teamed up to recruit people to Alexandria and are the only gay couple on the series. 

Aaron and Eric recruited Rick and the others.  There were some major trust issues though. It took a lot of convincing and compromising, but Aaron was able to get them to trust him.  He  became alarmed when he saw a flare. It was a sigh of trouble for Aaron and he ran away from Rick and the others.  He frantically ran to a trailer to find his boyfriend Eric. Eric had been injured, but he was alive.  In his relief, Aaron kisses Eric.

Aaron and Eric represent a love that is not always accepted and that still shows in the series.  We don’t get to see much of them being a couple.  If anything Aaron has emerged as a leader of the community. He has became good friends with Daryl and Maggie. And recently, Rick has expressed his appreciation of Aaron’s efforts. Slowly but surely, Aaron was becoming one of Rick’s trusted allies…and Eric sees it. 

Aaron was with the group when they met Negan.  He knows what the Saviors are capable of.  Eric found out soon after when the Saviors showed up in Alexandria to collect their payments.  Eric has begged Aaron not to go on missions with Rick.  Aaron feels that he has to do his part.  He can help defend the community. He’s been on the outside and can take care of himself.  Eric decided that he will go too.  Like most couples, they are concerned for each other’s well being.  They both are strong willed, but Aaron is a bit stronger and more prepared for what they may encounter in the war to come.

Love is love and I hope we get to see more of this wonderful couple.

Carol and Daryl

When we first met Carol (Melissa McBride), she was timid and quiet.  Her husband Ed (Adam Minarovich) often asserted his authority over her. In her way, she held her own, but only for the sake of her daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz).  Ed kept to himself and tried to make Carol and Sophia stay away from others.  Carol reached out to the women of the group and tried to be normal. The minute she was having fun was when Ed would get angry for no reason. 

Daryl was so obnoxious in season one. He yelled at Rick the moment he met him, tried to order everyone around, and blamed everyone else for his troubles.  He acted out because of how he was treated as a child.  His mother died when Daryl was very young. His brother Merle tried to save Daryl, but ended up leaving the home. Daryl endured abuse from his drunk father for years after.  

Ed died in season one, Merle disappeared and soon Sophia would go missing as well. Carol had a hard time dealing with her loss.  Daryl stepped up and focused on finding Sophia. Daryl had been lost once and no one looked for him.  He tried to comfort Carol during the ordeal and held her when they found Sophia had died.  

Fans have been hoping for a romance between these two since season two.  Carol has flirted with Daryl and he tells her to stop. But when the two are separated, their reunions are beyond heartwarming.  They are so close…maybe too close…Daryl looks for Carol when there is a skirmish. Carol shows affection to Daryl when he needs reassurance.  Like Maggie and Glenn, Daryl and Carol complement each other. They come from broken homes and know how to give each other strength.

They have survived this long doing whatever is necessary.  Carol has had a hard time dealing with some of those things.  Daryl is having trouble dealing with his own guilt.   These two find strength in each other because of what they have been through in the past. They know the pain and mental stress that each has had to overcome.  So of course they are going to be close friends.  I think the time for a Caryl romance has past though.

Rick and Michonne

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Rick doesn’t like anybody when he first meets them.  He didn’t like Michonne.  He met her at a time when he was broken and distraught about his wife, Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) death.  Michonne showed up with baby formula and the bad news that the Governor took Glenn and Maggie.

Michonne is what started the conflict with the Governor. She killed the Governor’s daughter and stabbed him in the eye.  Michonne wasn’t even a part of their group and they were forced to defend her.  Rick could have easily turned her over to the Governor and avoided the issue.  It was Carl (Chandler Riggs) who convinced him that Michonne was good and was one of them. 

Since then Michonne had become one of Rick’s most trusted companions. Michonne has proven her worth to Rick. She is a fighter, resourceful, and at times, fun to watch.  Not to mention, she loves his kids.

Come on! I know you’ve seen the way Rick looks at her. He has checked her out more than once and way before they got to Alexandria.  Michonne has checked him out too.  Seriously, who hasn’t checked out Rick. He is a strong leader and yeah…I’ll say it…really sexy! (Haha!)

Ok, Ok, it was a bit of surprise when Richonne finally happened.  But if you look back, there were so many clues in season six that we missed.  Even when Rick was talking to Jessie, he was still checking out Michonne.  

Finding love in the apocalypse is difficult.  Your new love could die at any time.  Unless it’s Rick and Michonne.  These two are very strong individuals…and just might be stronger together.

Maggie and Sasha

The ladies of The Walking Dead have been so strong, that they really don’t need a man to protect them.  If anything, they need people for emotional support…when there is time to be emotional.  No one needed that kind of support more than Maggie and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).  

These two experienced loss at the same time.  Sasha lost a brother and a boyfriend after the fall of the prison. She almost lost herself to grieve over her brother.  Maggie’s father and sister had just died around the same time.  Maggie had Glenn though. She had someone to lean on.  

Sasha threw herself into training and became a really good sniper.  She was always able to stand her ground, speak up for herself, and was able to see past the BS.   That’s why Abraham liked her.  

Sasha didn’t give into Abraham’s charm immediately. And he kind of had a girlfriend.  So Abraham had to work for her time and her smile.  They were developing a relationship when the group met Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The night that Sasha lost Abraham, Maggie also lost Glenn.  Negan killed them both as examples of what would happen if Rick crossed him again.

They took the bodies to Hilltop and hid there while Maggie recuperated from issues with her pregnancy. Sasha buried Glenn and Abraham side by side.  She watched over Maggie and tried to keep her comfortable. They leaned on one another when visiting the graves.  

The peace and quiet of Hilltop wasn’t enough for Sasha.  She stayed until she knew Maggie would be okay and then she went after Negan.  

Rick and Daryl

The first time they met, Daryl did not like Rick. Rick had left Daryl’s brother Merle handcuffed on the roof of  building in Atlanta. Merle got out of the handcuffs by cutting off his hand and then disappeared until season 3.  With Merle gone, Rick and Daryl were able to overcome their animosity and become trusted friends.

Daryl and Rick’s primary concern has always been to protect their people.  At the prison, Daryl became Rick’s right hand man.  He bonded with Rick’s kids, nicknaming the newborn Judith “little-ass kicker.”  And sympathizing with Carl over the death of his mother.

When Rick needed to step down from being a leader, Daryl and others were willing to step up.  I think this is where Daryl really shined. He was confident enough to lead people, but humble enough to follow Rick when the time came.

The two were separated for a short time and when they reunited, they had a moment.  Daryl had helped Rick to fend off a group of marauders.  It was very traumatic for Rick. Those guys threatened to hurt his son.  Rick bit a man’s neck to protect Carl.  

After the slaughter, Daryl sat down with Rick and they talked about the people they had become.  They reassured each other that what had happened was not their fault.  That’s when Rick told Daryl, “you’re my brother.”

Rick did not like being separated from member of his family.  But there’s just something about Daryl that Negan really liked.  So Negan took Daryl to the Sanctuary and tried to convert him.  Daryl couldn’t be turned.  He escaped and ran to the Hilltop.  

Rick had been struggling with how to handle Negan. Do they serve him, as he told them they would?  Or do they fight back for their freedom and for revenge?  Rick decided to fight back.  He went to Hilltop to see Maggie and found Daryl. That hug! OMG! They didn’t need words. They both were so happy to see each other. You could feel the brotherly love through the TV. It doesn’t get any better than this…


Love is what gives the characters strength on The Walking Dead.  It also makes them vulnerable.  There were times when people give up their lives because they could not handle losing a loved one.  There are also moments when they have picked up the pieces and moved forward to honor the memory of lost loves.

The original five, Rick, Carol, Daryl, Carl and Morgan have created a new family.  They continue to find people to love and trust that only make their family stronger.  These relationships give them something to fight for.   

Season eight will be a test for some and they will lose more loved ones.  How they handle those losses will define who they are at the end of the war.  

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