With 2020 finally here it’s time to reflect on all the things we’re grateful for in the wonderful world of pop culture.

Just one of those things being the teams behind your favorite podcasts. So welcome to our ‘best of’ podcast list with a twist; the best podcast episodes of 2019. Whether it’s a stand alone tale as part of an anthology series or a continuation in a thrilling audio drama, these episodes seriously stood out for their own special reasons. They also vary in genre and are all ones I would highly recommend. This list also may contain spoilers, tread lightly.

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The Bright Sessions Extra: The Bright Sides- Patient #6-C-1 (Niko)

Written by Aron Brown this, The Bright Sessions bonus episode we listen in as Dr.Bright (voiced by Julia Morizawa) has an overdue sessions with a patient feeling a little…grey.



My Favorite Murder Bonus Episode: Fox’s Prodigal Son Special!

With hilarious hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark it was hard to pick just one episode to throw on this list. However one can’t help acknowledge the greatness that is the My Favorite Murder Prodigal Son bonus episode. In this episode Karen and Georgia promote the then upcoming Fox thriller by telling each other the stories of Sante Kimes, whose crimes inspired the 2001 movie Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes, and “Dolly” Oesterreich who rose to infamy with her bizarre 10 year affair with Otto Sanhuber who lived in her attic unbeknownst to her husband. For 10 years.


Zero Hours Episode 4: What Happens When the Beat Drops 

In this highly anticipated anthology series every story features a different take on the end of the world. In a literal and metaphorical sense. Written and directed by Gabriel Urbina, episode 4 of Zero Hours takes place in present day Palo Alto where a negotiator must talk down a seemingly erratic young man who is taking drastic and dangerous measures to fix what he sees as the soon-to-be-irreparable trouble with the world.


Welcome to Night Vale Episode 159: Cat Show

Is it ever a proper podcast list without mentioning the almighty Welcome to Night Vale? The answer is no. This year’s stand out episode is number 159, which focuses on Night Vale’s annual cat show. Guaranteed fun and only a little creepy!

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Passenger List Episode 4: Psychic Witch

A missing flight, a vigilante style investigation, a possible cover up orchestrated by the government, honestly what more could you ask for in a fiction podcast? Follow Kaitlin Le (Kelly Marie Tran) in Passenger List as she investigates Atlantic Flight 702, a plane that disappeared mid-flight between London and New York with 256 passengers on board. Among those passengers was Kaitlin’s twin brother. In the fourth episode of this thrilling series introduces us to flight 702’s only ‘survivor’ who just so happens to be a psychic.


Cryptids Episode 3: A Million Dollararns

One of this years most binge-worthy podcasts was Wild Obscura’s Cryptids. In this female driven, scripted, sci-fi audio drama, you’ll meet monsters, aliens, a conspiracy radio show host and an avid listener who go in search of a lifetime. Literally. This series’ third episode, A Million Dollararns, is when sh*t really hits the fan. This is when our radio host Trevor receives an unexpected guest, prompting him to confront his fears. Seshat attends to official business. Eve offers Trevor the chance to solve a puzzle.


Bunny Ears Episode 95: Lizzo Puts on Bunny Ears

It’s the cross over you didn’t know you needed! In episode 95 of the hilarious Bunny Ears podcast Macaulay Culkin and his old pal Lizzo are reunited for the first time in three years to discuss which Pokemon she would bang-yes, you read that right- the Minnesota Vikings and, of course, her JUICE


Very Really Good Episode 74: Kurtis Almighty

In episode 74 of his comedy podcast YouTuber and comedian Kurtis Conner talks all about the terrors of touring, how he is sort of God and another Stephen Harisson update. 


This Podcast Will Kill You Episode 30: Encephalitis Lethargica: Sleep Perchance to Dream (& Dream & Dream)

Imagine this: a sickness where millions fell into a deep slumber from which they never woke. Of those that did, many remained trapped in a cage of their own bodies, unable to move or speak but fully aware of the world around them As usual This Podcast Will Kill You stays on brand of scaring the hell out of me by discussing encephalitis lethargica, a sickness where millions fell into a deep slumber from which they never woke. Learn all about this sleepy sickness in TPWKY’s 30th episode, how it disappeared as quickly as it appeared and the effects it left on the handful of survivors.

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Weird Work Season 2 Episode 3: “I’m a Podcast Librarian”

Gotta save the best for last, right? Host Sam Balter sits down and talks to pretty interesting people with very interesting jobs on Weird Work. In its much needed second season, Sam sits down with a surf therapy dog, a conlanger and even a pet influencer agent. However, my personal favorite of the bunch is the podcast librarian at RadioPublic, Ma’ayan Plaut. But she’s not like the typical master of the Dewey Decimal System you know from your local public library. And she just so happens to be the only podcast librarian on the planet.



Fallon Marie Gannon