Movies are a great way to educate and influence the youth about various matters. Climate change, a matter which poses a threat to humanity, is certainly something that young audience must learn about. Here are seven films and documentaries that can teach the youth about climate change and why it’s so important to do something about it. 


2012 is a movie that shows the consequences of climate change. The movie is about a man and his attempts to save his family while the entire world is on its verge of collapse. 

While explaining the cause behind the extreme natural disasters that ensue, the characters in the film express the faults of the human race in preserving the world. 2012 might be jarring for younger kids but it’s a must-watch for teens to educate them on what could happen if we don’t take steps to fight climate change. 

Chasing Ice

Chasing ice is a documentary film made by a National Geographic photographer who uses pictures and time-lapses to capture the gradual melting of ice caps in the Arctic. This movie speaks volumes through its visuals and blatantly points at the impact of global warming in the polar regions

Chasing ice could be shown in classrooms or as a family film at home to educate children on the effect of climate change on the environment and the consequences of letting our ice caps melt. It’s a must-watch for young as well as older audiences. 

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Wall-E has tons of environmentalism overtones and has trash as its central theme. No doubt, the film is entertaining as a robot romance but at large, it depicts the incessant production of trash and the futile efforts of man to solve this problem. While humans live in the sky, lazing in front of big TVs and drinking huge glasses of soda, Wall-E is left on the Earth to try and deal with mountains of trash piles. 

The film has just a single green life in it – a sampling in a small pot that slowly grows. It’s a great film to teach children about the problem of waste without showing them a shocking and realistic film. 

Happy Feet

Happy Feet may not seem to be much about climate change but there’s one very important element of the movie that talks about plastic pollution. It’s Lovelace and his collar, which is a six-piece beer can plastic holder. 

Lovelace continues to struggle with the ring around his neck, which ultimately becomes the cause of his death. The plastic holder is a reminder of the mindless water pollution we cause when we litter the seas and oceans. Another element of the film dealing with climate change is the rising water levels and overfishing, making it harder for the penguins to catch fish. 

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No Impact Man

No Impact Man is a great family film to teach young children to be more environmentally conscious and make small attempts to preserve nature. This documentary revolves around a family that lives in New York who is on a self-changing journey to reduce their environmental impact. 

The idea of a family making a collective effort is quite impactful, especially in the way it has been used in this film. If you sit to watch this film, we’d suggest that you sit with a book and a pen to note down all they teach. By the end of it, you’ll have a list of things that you can start off with to get one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint as a family. 

An Inconvenient Truth

This is one of the greatest documentaries made on climate change and the deterioration of the environment. It features Al Gore, a popular climate activist, who talks about the current state of our world and the consequences of our actions. 

The film doesn’t stop at pointing fingers but goes on to teach its audience different ways to combat climate change and improve the condition of the Earth. There are plenty of changes you can make in your personal life to reduce the trash you create or the pollution you cause. The film is best for teenagers and young adults. 

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral is a film that’s quite different from the others on this list, as it specifically talks about the impact of climate change on coral reefs. As a result of the increasing temperatures of the seas, corals are starting to perish. 

The film opens its audience’s eyes to something that is occurring far away from them but which requires their immediate support. It’s definitely a movie you should watch as a family and collectively take points to be more conscious of habits that may be harming the environment. 


These seven films are great for young audiences to learn about the effects of climate change, its causes, and the different ways through which they can help in improving the condition of the Earth. If you’re a parent or a teacher, try to get children around you to watch some of these films. If not documentaries, movies like Wall-E and Happy Feet subtly educate about climate change while entertaining. 


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