It is always hard to make really good movies based on books. No one can escape the critics and constant comparing to the book that comes with it. However, not all movies lost to their original stories. Sometimes it happens that a movie can even be better than its predecessor. A good story, confident director and a talented cast can turn your favorite book story into reality. Just for a few dollars per movie ticket. Of course, the hardest movie adoption comes from non-fiction books. There is less place for personal interpretation and more attention to details. However, when such a movie is done right it is always worth acknowledging. Hence, for all our movie lovers out there, here is our take on the best movies based on non-fiction books. Enjoy!


Now, I’d love to start with my personal favorite movie of all – the Goodfellas. A criminal drama about the mafia in the 1950s. We explore the criminal world of postwar America by the eyes of Nicholas Pileggi, the author of Wiseguy. Directed by Scorsese the movie ended up being one of the best pictures in its genre that has been ever made.

He’s Just Not That into You

Another must-watch for all the young women out there, He’s just not that into you, is definitely worth a place in the top five best non-fiction movies of all times. At first glance, it looks like a typical romantic comedy that is great to watch on a date night. Though, our advice to you, better invite your girlfriends over, get a couple of bottles of wine (or ice cream, it’s up to you) and learn. Learn, ladies, learn. This movie is brutal but honest about the lessons of dating that we often tend to ignore.

Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer is known for recognizing a good story and the tail of Alexander Supertramp is sure a good one. Krakauer tried to stay as true to the actual events as possible, which makes the book both breathtaking and terrifying. The movie’s director Sean Penn surely did his best to continue that pursuit. Personally, I like to watch whenever I want to escape the world. I just postpone all my errands or homework, there is always a way for someone who can write an essay for me cheap, and play Into the Wild.

Traveling to Infinity

This one may come as a surprise for you but it is actually made after the book written by Hawking’s wife Jane. In her book, Jane tells her story about the marriage with a brilliant man who, due to his illness, requires her help 24/7. Even though Jane writes about her marriage from her perspective the movie still looks like a wonderful memoir to the brilliant man that Hawking was. The movie is a celebration of life and the power of love. It is touching and honest, especially thanks to the phenomenal performance of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. This film has a special place in our non-fiction movies list as it is based on the life of a person who is known and beloved by many.

Erin Brockovich

This a story about Erin, an unemployed single mother, who struggles to make the ends meet. However, during the course of the movie Erin grows into a strong, competent woman who helps hundreds of people in their pursuit of justice. The movie is truly remarkable. It is inspiring, it is moving and, most of all, it is motivational. It tells all the women out there that if you have a goal you have to go for it no matter what. And, of course, who is better for such a role than Julia Roberts with her terrific smile and an open heart.


Here was our pick on the best movies based on nonfiction books. What would you add? There are hundreds of great movies based on nonfiction books. However, some of them always speak to us louder and clearer than others. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what we want to feel at that moment. Movies are there to comfort us, inspire, educate or make us laugh, sometimes all together at once. So be adventurous about your movie choices, make your own list of your faves. Let our personal top five here be your guide into the greater world of even greater stories.



Sandra Larson is a freelance writer and movie enthusiast. Her main interest lies in the French and Italian movies of the post-war era. Sandra is also the head of the reading club and a regular volunteer in a dog shelter. Though, every Thursday and Monday you can find her in her local movie theater.