Between theater releases and streaming additions, 2022 had an epic number of new horror movies. Some were bloody brilliance, and others should go to the chopping block. Five horror films stand heads above the rest to claim the title of “GGA’s Best Horror Movies of 2022.” 

Prey for the Devil

Throughout history, a woman has never trained as an exorcist. That is until Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) convinces Father Quinn (Colin Salmon) to let her learn. With a global rise in demonic possession, something is calling Sister Ann to become the first female exorcist, but who or what is issuing the call? Sister Ann’s past is inexorably tied to current events, and there’s no telling what will happen next.

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Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) sits on a hospital bed and tends to young Natalie (Posy Taylor) in Prey for the Devil

Jacqueline Byers, Posy Taylor in Prey for the Devil

Prey for the Devil surprised me more than any other horror movie this year. Thus far in my horrorphile journey, I do not enjoy religious horror. It is almost always the same few tropes that have been done to death. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. While the overused possession trope is present, there are also quite a few unique aspects. Overall, this is a well-done film. This movie is available to stream on December 12th on Amazon Prime Video.


After a freak accident causes the death of a horse trainer, his son and daughter must find a way to keep the business running. Unfortunately, there is far more at work than is first assumed. Soon, it becomes apparent that extraterrestrials are causing strange occurrences. The siblings decide to catch the UFO in a never-before-seen close-up. Can they survive the experience?

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Keke Palmer as Em, Daniel Kaluuya as O.J. in Nope

When Jordan Peele is on his game, he inevitably hits it out of the park. I thought the premise and execution were brilliant in Nope. Based on my observations, there is one common note amongst viewers. Those who loved Peele’s movie Us did not like this one and vice versa, those who hated Us (me!) loved this movie. Nope is streaming on Peacock.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

What do you do when your best friend is possessed by a demon? Find a mall exorcist to help, of course! The year is 1988, and high school is the least of these girls’ worries when a supernatural force (a demon) attaches to one of them and threatens everything. My Best Friend’s Exorcism is based on the Grady Hendrix novel of the same name.

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Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller talk about life in My Best Friend's Exorcism

This movie is wild in the best possible way. I will say that I am glad they left out THAT scene from the book. IYKYK. The girls had great chemistry, the story sticks close to the book, and the effects were killer. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

The Invitation

After discovering she has relatives in the English countryside, Evie’s (Nathalie Emmanuel) life will never be the same. Her newfound cousin invites Evie to a lavish wedding, where she is swept off her feet by the lord of the manor. Unfortunately, nothing is as it seems, and Evie must fight to survive the nightmare where she now resides.

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I am a sucker for a good vampire story, especially one as heavily influenced by Dracula as The Invitation. I loved the atmosphere, the characters, the story, and even the effects. Overall, an excellent addition to the vampire subgenre. This movie is available to rent for Redbox, Google Movies, VUDU, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

Violent Night

On Christmas Eve, a group bent on theft invades the home of the Lightstones. They planned for everything except Santa (David Harbour) showing up at the same time. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Santa’s past means he knows how to fight, and he is not about to lose to a bunch of individuals filling the naughty list. When he discovers a little girl is in the home, Santa will do everything in his power to save her and her family.

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David Harbour as Santa creeps up on someone with a string of garland to be used as a garrote.

Violent Night is by far one of the best holiday horror movies I have ever seen. The story is solid, and Santa’s backstory is epic. The effects are killer. I could gush about this movie for hours. If you like holiday horror, watch this film. Violent Night is currently in theaters.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few extra horror titles from 2022 that deserve a mention.

Do you think these are the best horror movies of 2022? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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