There are few things I like more than hanging out with my dogs and giving them a good pet. It is no different in the world of anime! These good boys are plush dogs who add cuteness to our favorite anime. Dogs can be just as important as the mostly human heroes they fight alongside in anime.

Check out these ten goodest boys in no particular order.

Danny – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

Danny only had a few minutes of screen time in the entire series of Jojo, but he has an eternal place in my heart. It is true he gets a bit excited and wants to jump up on you, but as stated by Jonathan Joestar, Danny would never bite anyone! He knew to stay close to his owner, swim and be a good boy.

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Kanata – The Fire Hunter

Touka on the left and the hunting hound, Kanata, on the right.

In the world of The Fire Hunter, fire has become so dangerous to humans that they can’t be near any type of fire. In order for society to continue, an unnatural fire has to be harvested from fire beasts. The only ones capable of doing that are the fire hunters and their hounds. Kanata is a hunting hound originally owned by a professional fire hunter. 

Touka, a young girl, becomes the unlikely owner of Kanata early on in the show. Kanata is extremely loyal to fire hunters, but in emergency situations will abandon his job to protect Touka. What a good dog!

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Akamaru – Naruto

Dogs are our best friends and that can’t be more true for Akamaru and his owner, Kiba Inuzuka. Although a goodest boy, Akamaru is a bit of a naughty boy who helped his owner cheat on a test and peed on people.

Despite his naughty streak as a puppy, he grew into a doggo that his team could depend on. Akamaru saved his team and owner many times using his quick wits and nose. In the newer movies, Akamaru isn’t in action as often as he has grown old. Even in old age, he is still a lifelong companion to Kiba.

Somebody get that dog a burger, he has earned it!

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Heen – Howl’s Moving Castle

Heen, the dog, from Howl's Moving Castle laying on the floor.

Heen is Suliman’s errand dog from the anime adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle. Sadly, we can’t read about him in the book, as he was created just for the movie. Heen seemingly replaced a character named Percival. Percival was a man of sorts who was cursed to be a dog.

Because of Heen’s heavyweight in the movie, some people, such as youtuber ANIME_OTAKINGDAM,  theorize that this dog was also once a man. It might also explain his human-like laugh and sense of humor. With that context, Heen is certainly a good boy.

At first glance, Heen might seem like a bad dog because of the way he spied on Sophie and then betrayed how owner, Suliman. However, if he was a man cursed to be a dog, then being Suliman’s errand dog might have been part of a long con to take her down. Which, is for the greater good. Making him a good dog-man thing.

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Bond – Spy x Family

Any and Bond from Spy x Family. Anya kneeling next to her dog, Bond.

You know what they say: every family needs a psychic dog. Or at least, that’s what the family needed in Spy x Family.

Not only is Bond playful, sweet, and loving, but he is also psychic! Thanks to his future telling and telepathic abilities with the Forger daughter, Anya, Bond is able to save the family on many occasions. A true goodest boy. 

Guts – Kill La Kill

Guts, the dog from Kill La Kill, flying in the air.

They say a dog is part of the family, and that can’t be truer for Guts. He dresses like the family, eats like the family and is just as animated as his owners. This little pug is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family, but mostly his spot at the dinner table.

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Ein – Cowboy Bebop

Ed and Ein in Cowboy Bebop

I like to say that my 14-year-old blue heeler is the smartest dog ever when she opens the fridge to try to steal butter, but Ein might have her beat. Ein is a “data dog” who had their intelligence highly increased. Ein is a perfect companion for kid-genius, Edward.

What other Corgi can drive, talk to other animals or enjoy watching TV with you? Ein is more than a dog, but is a friend. A friend that you have to be careful with around mushrooms, but a goodest boy nonetheless

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Temari – The Fire Hunter

Temari resting in someone's lap

Temari is from the same universe as the previously mentioned good boy Kanata. Like Kanata, Temari is a hunting hound who is extremely loyal to their owner.

One of the key differences is that Temari is an almost extinct breed of dog. And that breed is adorable. Visually, they look like a samoyed chihuahua mix. However going by physical strength alone, Temari is more like a dragon.

This goodest boy may be smaller than their owner’s head, but they take on fire beasts just like the larger hunting hound Kanata. I’d say they deserve a few belly rubs for that.

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Pochita – Chainsaw Man

Pochita and Denji from Chainsaw man. Pochita is on Denji's lap, looking up at Denji while Denji lays on the ground.

SPOILER: If you haven’t seen Chainsaw Man, skip to the next dog. We will be revealing important details about the character Pochita.

Pochita is one of those anime dogs that aren’t really dogs, but act just like dogs. During his time with his owner, Denji, Pochita was very dog-like. He would curl up with his owner and listen as Denji fantasized about a better life.

In reality, Pochita was never a dog, but an infinitely powerful demon. When Denji is at death’s door, Pochita sacrifices himself so that Denji could live the life they always talked about.

What a sweet demon-dog-thing.

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Black Hayate – Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Hayate, the dog, avoiding bullets.

Black Hayate is a military dog in the most literal sense of the term. His owner is a sharpshooter lieutenant who potty trained Black Hayate with a gun. Talk about tough love!

After brutal training and by proving himself as an amazing tracker, Black Hayate earns the unofficial title of second lieutenant.

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BONUS: Top 2 Baddest Boys

Iggy – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

Iggy, the pug, from Jojo's Bizzare Advantures part 3.

Iggy was part of a great team of heroes, so it might be confusing having him on this bad-boy list. That’s because as a dog, he was a real jerk and absurdly cheeky. Constantly farting on his colleagues’ faces or even fleeing when he sensed his colleagues would be in danger in order to keep himself safe. It didn’t stop there. The scoundrel stole food off the table or straight from someone’s hand. We might trust Iggy to help defeat DIO, but I wouldn’t petsit him if my life depended on it. 

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Inuyasha – Inuyasha

Inuyasha from Inuyasha holding Kikiyo

Should Inuyasha be on a list of dogs? Given that he is a dog demon, sits on command and acts like an untrained rascal, I think this is the perfect list for him. 

Inuyasha is an iffy hero for most of the series, and can’t get his priorities straight when it comes to his love interest. I know every tween in the early 2000s beat their TV screen when he picks Kikiyo over Kagome for the 100th time. Not to mention his crabby attitude. Despite all that, we still loved him. He was indeed the baddest boy and is worthy of his place on this list.

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Which anime dog is your favorite? Let us know if there are any anime dogs that didn’t make it on our list!

This article was originally published on 4/7/23. 

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