Note: We have found more Yule Log gems as the season has progressed. We’ve added them below. There’s definitely more than 19 now so don’t think we’re bad at math!

It’s that Yule Log video time of year! I, myself, like to put a different Yule Log on my television screen each evening. Depending on my mood, I may play a classic fireplace scene, a nerdy, genre-laden fireplace scene, or a fireplace crackling to the songs of one of my favorite bands.

With so many creative and fun videos out there, we’ve put together a list of favorites. Some are new and some are so good that we have to have them on our Yule Log list every year. To fit any mood, we’ve included videos where the Yule Log exudes warmth with the sounds of wood popping and crackling, ones that will tickle your geeky bone, ones that will make you sing, and ones that will give you a giggle. 

Let’s start with some geeky fireplaces!

Hawkeye / Kate Bishop-Inspired Fireplace

Grab some hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fireplace at Kate Bishop’s inspired NYC apartment! This runs for one hour. 

Doctor Who Festive Holiday Yule Log – Christmas on the Tardis

This Doctor Who vista is lovely and comforting. It runs for two hours and has fun Whovian surprises throughout.

Ghostbusters Afterlife

SIX hours of a mini-puft yule log!

What We Do in the Shadows

Who doesn’t want to watch What We Do in the Shadows Nandor breathe fire for 30 minutes?

Protomole-Yule Log

Why not add some protomolecule to your cozy holiday fire with Amazon Prime’s The Expanse holiday protomole-yule log video. Be careful, it reaches out…

Disney’s Haunted Mansion 

For our Disney Park fans, this one will give you the spooky feels. 

American Horror Story

This American Horror Story is certainly dark and definitely nerdy!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Rick and Morty – A Very Rickmas Yule Log

Relaxing LEGO Bygge Hygge Fireplace 

This creative Lego fireplace runs for two hours and will put you in a Bygge Hygge mood!

DC Universe

Here are some geeky ones from years past.

The Lord of the Rings | Eye of Sauron Yule Log

This crackling Eye of Sauron runs for two hours and will only stop if you throw the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. 

Darth Vader Yule Log

In this Star Wars holiday fireplace video, you can watch Darth Vader burn on a pyre for five hours. 

Wizarding World

Bring your Hogwarts House pride and cozy up to this cozy, one-hour Wizarding World fireplace. 

Baby Yoda/Grogu Yule Log

This adorable video is set to Christmas in the Stars, a record featuring Star Wars themed Christmas songs. Or if you’re looking for a more chill vibe then mute the video and play your favorite holiday music selection. 

Nick Offerman’s Ten Hour Yule Log

Now it’s time for the non-genre related fires. Let’s start with puppies!

A Cozy Christmas

Men in Kilts

Do you enjoy Outlander? Do you enjoy the show Men in Kilts? Do you enjoy a nice set of gams? Yes, you say? Then this one-hour video is for you.

Christmas Yule Log from Ambient Background Sounds

I love this one. If you enjoy animation and something different and creative, check this crackling and spitting animated fireplace out. 

Yulecore: A Hypnagogic Holiday | The Sleepcore Yule Log

Do you want to drift off to sleep with old-timey music and a crackling fire? This video will lull you into contentedness and relaxation to help you nod off to sleep. 

Here are some fun, cozy fireplaces set to the sounds of iconic music artists. 

Billy Idol

C’mon. It’s Billy Idol singing Christmas carols!

White Stripes

While I wouldn’t categorize this as calming, the animation and illustrations are wonderful and The White Stripes rock it. It features 90 minutes of White Stripes music plus an original Christmas song, “Candy Cane Children.”

And finally, if you want to chill to just the sounds of an authentic popping and crackling fireplace, this one is for you. 

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